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Free Birth Chart – नि: शुल्क जन्म चार्ट

Birth Chart, also known as Natal Chart. It is an astrological chart where it shows the positions of the moon, Sun, and Planet at the exact time of a birth of the person at a specific place on earth. To get the Free Birth Chart from you need to have the exact date of birth along with the time and place of birth. Mainly the India people prefer to check the Astrology. Her, you can get the details of the Free BirthChart.

Birth Chart Calculator

The Birth Chart can also be available through the online services from ProKerala. Follow the below simple steps and get your birth chart for free. You can also get Zodiac Sign info by your name and date of birth details.horoscope by date of birth

  1. Choose the year, month and date and your exact Birth date and also choose the correct time of your birth
  2. Select the preferred language to display your Birth Chart in Online
  3. You can find the Chart Types as South India, North Indian, East India. Choose the type of chart and then enter the location details.
  4. Click on the Generate Chart Button and You can find your Birth Chart info.

navamsa chart

  1. The details can appear with 12 Rasi and it displays with each Rasi planetary body.
  2. It also displays the Plant type along with its symbol, positions, Nakshatra Finder and Rasi details.
  3. The chart also shows the Good and Bad timings of Yur Day to Day life and provides the info for a better future.

Get Free Birth Chart details from the Website and get your Birth chart information by following the above procedure in Prokerala website.

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