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Puducherry – पुडुचेरी

Puducherry is one among the 07 Union Territories of India which is formerly known as “Pondicherry” in India. Union Territory of Puducherry is located in the at the southern part of Indian Peninsula and is bordered with the following places of Tamil Nadu at the side of Karaikal district and Pondicherry district, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh at the side of Mahe district and Yanam district. According to Puducherry Wiki, the capital city is “Pondicherry”

Union Territory of India
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Pondicherry Population

The Population of Pondicherry is about 1,244,464 which is the 29th largest states of India along with the most densely populated states and Union Territories of India. The Districts are covering with an area of 562 square kilometers (or) 217 square miles, which comes 33rd on the area basis in India.

Pondicherry Language

In the first place, official and native language of Pondicherry is “Tamil” (புதுச்சேரி) which spoken by the districts of Karaikal and Pondicherry, Malayalam (പുതുച്ചേരി) which spoken by the districts of Mahe, Telugu (పుదుచ్చేరి) which spoken by the district of Yanam and also other languages of French and English are widely spoken languages in the union territory of India.

union territory of puducherry
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Formation of Union Territory of Puducherry

The Union Territory existed out of 04 exclaves of former French, India with the name of “Pondicherry” on the year 01st Nov of 1954. It has officially renamed to “Pondicherry” on the year 20th Sep of 2006.

Indian states of Pondicherry symbols

Song Invocation to Tamil Goddess (written by Bharathidasan)
Animal Squirrel
Bird Koel
Flower Cannonball tree’s flower
Tree Bael fruit tree

Holiday Destination Designated by Pondicherry Tourism and Culture

  • In south India, Pondicherry Tourism is one of the most famous destination spots of Union Territory of Puducherry
  • The other main attractions are as the following: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville, Museums, Botanical Garden, Ousteri Wetland and National Park, Bharathi Park, Puducherry Science Centre & Planetarium etc
  • The culture has rich features with the division of 02 quarters namely “French Quarter” which is also known as “Ville Blanche (or) White Town” and the other “Indian Quarter” which also known as “Ville Noire (or) Black Town”.
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Pondicherry Districts

Puducherry Map illustrates that Pondicherry is the capital of this Union Territory. The land territory consists of 04 Districts and the following are the districts of the State:

  1. Karaikal District
  2. Mahe District
  3. Pondicherry District
  4. Yanam District
Puducherry Districts
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Pondicherry Rivers

The following are the few Rivers of Pondicherry which flows through the state:

  • Gingee River
  • Malattar River
  • Pennaiyar River
  • Nandalar River
  • The Noolar River
  • Thirumalairajan River
  • Mahe River
  • Guduvaiyar River
  • Arasalar River
  • Puravadayanar River
  • Ponniyar River

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