UP Finance Department – Economy and Budget Details

UP Finance Department

UP Finance Department Played a Vital Role to Improve UP Economy

Sri Rajesh Agarwal is the finance minister of Uttar Pradesh. He was born on 18th September of 1943. After he selected a finance minister, his only target was how he would improve the UP Finance Department and today, Uttar Pradesh Government has an improved economy which is possible for him and another minister also.

UP Finance
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Know about work and Administrators of UP Finance Department

The वित्तविभाग of Uttar Pradesh has a large number of activities related to all financial issues of the state. The responsibility of the Department of Financial Services is many. The department covers financial Institutions work, the functioning of Banks, Many types of Insurance Companies and the Pension System.

The finance department is managed by the finance minister, an Additional Chief Secretary or a Principal Secretary assists him, generally they are an officer of Indian Administrative Service, the Additional Chief Secretary or Principal Secretary works as the head of the administration of the department.

Finance UP
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Every department also has a number of special officers who constantly assist the higher authority. Secretary, Special Secretary, Joint Secretary is the very special officers who are directly connected with the department and they also help the Minister and the Additional Chief Secretary/Principal Secretary.

To know the departmental work schedule and section wise work schedule visit Finance department of UP Official Website (कार्य बटवारा): http://finance.up.nic.in/WorkDistribution.html

Finance UP Department
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Schemes of Finance Department UP

Finance department UP covers a large number of UP Schemes:

  • Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan and midday meal scheme.
  • Focus in Poorvanchal Expressway and Lucknow Metro.
  • The highlight of Job creation for the youth generation.
  • Allocation of money to a large extent for toilet construction of the state.
  • Rupees declared for the Swachh Bharat mission of UP cities.
  • Initiation of Agriculture scheme
  • Launching of new Health scheme and medical allowance to Senior Citizen
  • Introduced costly ambulances to deal with emergencies.
  • Preparation of the UP budget for granting scholarship after 10th class
  • Providing free wifi and internet to the school and college for the advancement of digital education
  • Constructing a budget for progression of the Educational sector
  • The budget for adventure tourism and ecotourism with Helicopter services to the tourist

You can visit the official website where a list of office wise work allocation given to meet the purpose of the beneficiaries.

Important Mandate of the Finance Department

Know the UP Government Shasanadesh (महत्वपूर्ण शासनादेश) details including Mandate number, mandate date, section, mandate category along with subject here: http://shasanadesh.up.nic.in/showgofordept.aspx?dept=162

Finance department of UP
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Finance UP Books and Manual

UP Government providing the books of the following which gives the knowledge and awareness of the budget of Finance UP

UP Finance Department Forms

Download the application forms from the official portal of Uttar Pradesh (or) you can also download which are given below:

  •  The format of application for the last expulsion from the provident fund
  •  Request for Permanent Advancement in the Provident Fund
  •  Application form for house building advance
  •  Application for advance purchase of motor/motorcycle

Important Details of Finance department UP