MOSPI – Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation

MOSPI (Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation) – सांख्यिकी विभाग और कार्यक्रम कार्यान्वयन मंत्रालय 

MOSPI is a part of the Union Government Ministries of India it can be abbreviated as the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation came into existence in the year 1999, on 15th October, when the Department of Programme Implementation and the Department of Statistics merged in India. There are two wings of the Ministry: one is all about Programme Implementation, and the other one is about the Statistics Department.mospi website

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National Statistical Office

People also know The Statistics Wing of MOSPI as NSO (National Statistical Office). It has these three divisions:

  1. CSO or the Central Statistical Organization
  2. NSSO Data or National Sample Survey Office
  3. The Computer Center

Responsibilities of NSO

  • Functions as the nodal agency that plans and develops the country’s statistical system lays down principles related to data collection, data processing, and result dissemination.
  • Maintains national accounts and publishes yearly estimates of consumption expenditure of national products, savings, capital formation, etc.
  • Coordination of statistical work for the departments/ ministries

central statistical office

  • Maintaining cooperation with global statistical organizations like UNSD, SIAP, ILO, FAO, IMF, ESCAP, etc.
  • Compiling and releasing IIP per month
  • Conducting and organizing massive all-India surveys to benefit the health, family welfare, literacy levels, housing conditions, nutrition, etc. of various population groups.
  • Examining survey reports technically
  • Releasing grants-in-aid to research institutions and non-governmental organizations.
  • NSO is the responsibility to develop the national statistical commission.

The Department of Programme Implementation of MOSPI has the following responsibilities

  • It monitors TPP (Twenty Point Programme)
  • Monitors Central Sector Projects that cost Rs 150 or above
  • Monitors the performance of the 11 basic infrastructure sectors of India

It also monitors the implementation of MPLADS.


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Contact details of MOSPI

Subject   Contact Person Email and Phone
Accessing Unit level data
ASI unit level data Anil Chopra, Phone No: 26196058
Joint Director Email:asidata.cc-mospi@gov.in
Economic Census Data P.S. Meena, Phone No: 26104194
Joint Director Phone: 26104194
Email id:ec.cc-mospi@gov.in
Dissemination of NSS unit level data Anjana Dutt, Phone No: 26716383
Joint Director Email id:
Annual Survey of Industries All queries relating to ASI Shri Tapas Kumar Sanyal, Phone No: 033-2248-1521
DDG, Email: tk_sanyal@yahoo.co.in,
CSO (IS Wing) cso_iswing@yahoo.co.in
Consumer Price Index D.K.Sinha, Phone No:23747893
Director(PCL) Email id: dilipkumar_sinha@yahoo.co.in
Downloading of Reports from website R.P.Thakur, Email id:cc-mospi@nic.in
Deputy Director Phone No:26160053
Index of Industrial Production Ambika Anand, Phone No:23705368
Assistant Director Email id:iipcso@nic.in
Internship and Training Ravinder Singh Phone No:23310712
ADG (TRG) adg-esd-mospi@nic.in,
National Income Sh. M.V.S. Ranganadham, ADG (NAD), Phone No:91-11-23341867
National Accounts Division Email id:mvsv.nadham@nic.in,
Research Grant/support Phone No:23310712
ADG (TRG) adg-trg@nic.in
Social Statistics Shri. Pravin Srivastava Phone No:09868965151
ADG Email id: pravin.srivastava@nic.in,
National Sample Surveys National Sample Surveys, Deputy Director-general rakesh.kr@nic.in
Survey Reports Coordination & Publication Division ashutosh.ojha@nic.in
General Query on Statistical data/products Shri Vipin Gupta rpu-cad@nic.in
DDG gpta.vip@gmail.com
Research & Publications