DGME UP – Directorate General of Medical Education

About the Implementation of UP State Medical Faculty – DGME UP

UP medical plays an important role in the quality and UP health improvement of people in Uttar Pradesh. This department has the history of being involved in the service improvement for mankind since 1921.

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Medical Education in DGME UP

The development of the human being and enhancing their life is the vital target of a state UP government. The health of common folks in a state depends on well-qualified doctors. Hospitals and medical colleges are controlled by the directorate of medical education which was separated from the department of health service in 1981. This resulted in the forming of a separate directorate of medical education.

Directorate general of medical education or dgme up plays a major role in developing the para-medical and medical condition in Uttar Pradesh. It controls, hospitals and medical colleges.

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Duties and Functions of DGME

  • A DGME’s main job is to strengthen hospital and medical colleges, postgraduate, degree and other medical departments in U.P.
  • Arrange research on various subjects in U.P. Medical colleges.
  • Provide a genuine faculty to patients, and a good educational faculty in institutions.
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Department of Medical Education

It is an educational administrative department of Uttar Pradesh for all the paramedics and medical studies. This department also processes, granting of applications which are received under the 1994 act. This administration upmededu, plays different roles in different sectors.

  • Controlling poverty.
  • Community services.
  • Health awareness.
  • Population control.
  • Lifestyle and yoga.
  • Environment protection.
Directorate General of Medical Education
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Medical Faculties

With the aim to provide educational qualifications in the field of medical, paramedical and nursing. The U.P. The government initiated the United Provinces Board of Medical Examination with the primary concept of conducting examinations for the student.


To enrich the standard of qualification, the Honorable governor established upstate medical faculty and granting powers under the act of Indian Medical Degrees, 1916.

The Uttar Pradesh state medical faculty empowered various training centers for getting government recognition. At the end of the training course, the medical faculty takes various examinations for granting them a diploma and certificate.

U.P. State medical faculty controls and regulates the paramedical courses for which there is no council situated in the state or center level and it is the first paramedical council in our country.

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PPP Projects

PPP Projects stands for “Public-Private Partnership Projects” which providing by the DGME UP (Directorate General of Medical Education of Uttar Pradesh), know complete details of PPP Projects of DGME UP visit the official website of DGME UP http://www.updgme.in/PPP.aspx

Also know the Services Acts and Rules of UP DGME here: http://www.updgme.in/service.aspx


Uttar Pradesh Government issuing the government orders regarding DGME UP (Directorate General of Medical Education of Uttar Pradesh) and know the list of GO’s here: http://www.updgme.in/govlist.aspx

Also know the DGME UP Tenders here: http://www.updgme.in/tenders.aspx

Government Medical Colleges in UP

Know the list of medical college institutions in the state of Uttar Pradesh along with their established date, which course is offering, how many seats are their and other mandatory medical college details here: http://www.updgme.in/Own_Institution_Detail.aspx and Hospital Nursing Services: http://www.updgme.in/docs/nursing.pdf

Also, know the List of Private Medical Colleges in UP here: http://www.updgme.in/docs/medical.pdf and Medical college Fee Structure here: http://www.updgme.in/docs/fees2011.pdf

Important Details of UP DGME