GST Council – Goods and Services Tax in India

About GST Council – जीएसटी परिषद

Implementing CGST act was a historic decision of the Indian Government. The Finance Minister introduced this new concept in the annual financial budget in 2010. But finally, it started in 2017. The full form of GST is Goods and Service Tax. Earlier we used to pay different taxes in India. GST unified all the taxes together. GST applies to each process of production. There are five slabs in it. Get more information about the GST Council from here.

GST Services

The State Government collects the taxes separately for some of the products that do not come under the GST. It includes petroleum products, electricity, alcoholic drinks, real estates, etc. GST Council strictly controls all the tax rates, different rules and guidelines related to GST rate. This council consists of a group of finance ministers from different states and also from the central.

Overview of GST

The government has taken a great initiative called GST to reshape the vast economy of our country. Applying GST act is also advantageous for the government. It will unify the national market and will also boost the foreign investments. A harmonization between different laws and regulation of the central government and the state government will finally strengthen the Indian economy. It will also boost the activities related to export and manufacturing industries. It will open up a new door of employment opportunities.

GST is beneficial for all the citizens of India. The tax collection procedures have become very transparent. Due to this taxation, the price of daily commodities has also reduced. To know the detail about GST, you have to go through the GST login. All the recent GST notification is there in their official website.

GST Rates

Get the GST rates for Goods and Services with the notification releases of time to time updates. Here you can also find the pdf file to know more about the Rates of GST. The GST rate of Liquor or alcohols like Bira 91, KF, etc.., is also very high.

CGST Rates for Goods Goods Rates Booklet
GST Rates for Services Services Rates Booklet

GST council is very much concerned about the welfare of the consumers. The consumers can send them an email stating their problem related to it. The mail id is The GST helpline number is 011-23762656.

GST Council Website:
Phone Number: 011-23762656
Email Id: contact.gstcouncil[at]
GST Council Secretariate,
5th Floor, Tower II,
Jeevan Bharti Building, Janpath Road,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi – 110001,

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