List of Puducherry Districts Along with their District Maps

About Puducherry Districts

Puducherry is a Union Territories of India which is located at the southern part of Indian Peninsula and consists of 04 Puducherry Districts. The capital city of Puducherry is “Pondicherry” among Districts of Puducherry.

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Districts of Puducherry

The following are the Districts of Puducherry:

  1. Karaikal District
  2. Mahe District
  3. Pondicherry District
  4. Yanam District

The following is the List of Puducherry Map Along with their District Maps

 1. Karaikal district – https://karaikal.gov.in

Karaikal district
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 2. Mahe district – https://mahe.gov.in

Mahe district
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 3. Pondicherry district

Pondicherry district
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 4. Yanam district – https://yanam.gov.in

Yanam district
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Important Details of Union Territory of Puducherry