Udyog Bandhu (Nivesh Mitra) – The Facility Provider of the Entrepreneurs

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Udyog Bandhu the Facility Provider of the Entrepreneurs

Nivesh Mitra has been discovered by the government of Uttar Pradesh. This is an online facility provider especially to the entrepreneurs who are desiring to set up enterprise in UP. Udyog Bandhu is a government agency who is investing for promotion of the entrepreneurs. Nowadays, entrepreneurs would not need controlling pillar to post for the submission of the application forms through the manual process. Thus these requirements are very much significant for getting proper regulation and facility for the industrial development.

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Udyog Bandhu Facilities

Nivesh Mitra has got an aim to provide facilities with fast less time consuming issues for different approvals which are needed by the entrepreneurs who are desiring to set up enterprise. This provides facilities to the entrepreneurs who are setting up small, medium or big industry for which they have to apply forms which is a mandatory action. In this case they also provide online facility to submit the forms.

Online payment method for the entrepreneurs under Nivesh Mitra

  • Internet banking
  • Paying fees at specific bank branches through challan.
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Generally, in these cases for paying application fees Punjab National Bank gets the preferences. Through this process you can also see the status of the applicant within a bounded time. This process has helped all the applicants from making tiring visits to different departments and even without having any knowledge of the status of the applicants.

After culminating all the information of about Nivesh Mitra or the Udyog Bandhu agency that it is not restricted for providing facilities only to the entrepreneurs but also to provide new functions which are available in the advanced countries. Thus it is clear that this project has been spreader throughout the entire state by making it as a tireless helping system organisation, which would act as a basket full of service provider for the entrepreneurs.

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Nivesh Mitra Schemes

Nivesh Mitra Providing the schemes of:

Nivesh Mitra Services

Nivesh Mitra providing the services of:

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Udyog Bandhu Policies

Udyog Bandhu providing the policies of:


MSME stands for “UP Micro and Small Industries Technology Up-gradation Scheme” is provides to develop the small scale industries, for more details of UP MSME visit Udyog Bandhu official portal:


Important Details of Nivesh Mitra
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