UP Health Department – Medical Health and Family Welfare Department

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Know The Measurement of UP Health Department

UP Health Department: The recent deaths of children in Uttar Pradesh are drawing the attention of the government and health institutions. The infrastructure of Uttar Pradesh is worse in many of the districts. The government has developed a study for measuring the quality and quantity of the public health system. Uttar Pradesh as the most populous state in the country increased 25% more population.
However, the UP government lacked to provide health care facilities to all of the public in Uttar Pradesh. As an initiation up health were formed to minimize this situation and provide as much as health facilities to the citizen.

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Health Condition in UP Health Department

The current health position needs urgently overhauling for building confidence amongst the patients. As the U.P’s health minister stated that, he started to detect leaks which were in the system breaking the infrastructure of health care in U.P.
U.P’s main thrust is now to improvise and maintain a stable health care system. The main perspective is to provide doctors, beds and basic test machines to carry out the health requirements. Certain areas are selected on the basis of an analysis conducted by the website.

Family Welfare and Health

The Uttar Pradesh government, playing a major role in developing life quality and health of the people. This department provides health, medical and welfare services in populated areas of Uttar Pradesh.

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This department follows different levels for this job, these are:

• Level One

Number one level health facility provides services in urban sectors, male, female and combined medical institutions. These hospitals have more than 500 beds, at the current date, there are 63 hospitals for female, 80 district hospitals and 6 combined medical institutions.

• Level Two

This level of health services is provided by community health organizations.

• Level Three

At this health service, the services are provided to remote areas by primary health organizations and sub-centers. Child and mother care is implemented by sub-centers, besides this, there are some women’s hospitals where secure delivery faculty is provided.
This department is cooperating with the national health organization in every district.

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Important health care programs like:

  1. Malaria eradication
  2. Preventing AIDS
  3. Blindness
  4. Family planning
  5. Floral eradication
  6. Iodine deficiency

Are being run by the officials and all medical supplies are given by the uphealth.up.nic.in transfer.
Health care and health status are really tough to measure precisely. Being the most populated state in India, it is nearly impossible to measure the correct percentage of health condition. But the government and the health care organizations trying every day to reach every area and give them good care.

Cashless Treatment Scheme

It is the scheme providing by “Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Rajya Kamchari Cashless Chikitsa Yojana” who possess the State Agency for Comprehensive Health Insurance of UP (or) the state health card and if you have any queries you can contact to 0522 6671125 (or) support mail: support@upsects.in. The eligible candidate need to register in the official website of http://upsects.in

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RTI stands for “Right to Information” where you have right to gain the information and the Health department of UP is providing the manuals for the List of RTI Officers here: http://uphealth.up.nic.in/rti.htm

Also know the Transfer and Posting details of UP Health Department here: http://uphealth.up.nic.in/transfer.htm

Health Department of UP GO’s

UP government issuing the GO’s (Government Orders) for the Medical Health and Family Welfare department and know the GO’s here: http://uphealth.up.nic.in/go.htm

E – Sangrah

E – Sangrah means “Electronic Sangrah” which is the UP Financial Department and knows the complete details of UP E – Sangrah” here: http://esangrah.up.nic.in/pageS.aspx

Important Details of UP Health Department
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