Schemes and Objectives of the Ground Water Department UP

Schemes and Objectives of the Ground Water Department UP

Ground Water Department UP, is a most important department of Uttar Pradesh Government. The department is established in the year of 1975 and in the year 1983 the department get a new name ‘Department of groundwater’. The role of the department is too vital; the observation of the department is to keep close watch of a whole underwater ground system. The main objective of the department is to watch management system of underground, groundwater resources, planning and related all groundwater issues.  For more details, visit the official website.

Ground Water Department UP
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Objectives of the Ground Water Department UP

  • Focus on utilization and finest and judicious use of ground resources.
  • To watch and solve groundwater issues and to start the aquifer mapping national programmed
  • Focusing on a large amount of groundwater recharge programmed within a specific time period and to solve matter about critical blocks in a time-period
  • Focusing on the cohesive use of ground and surface water and to implement it
  • To help sufficiently of water use in the deprived area
  • To focus on the groundwater conservation and management planning included river basin and watershed.
  • In order To focus on drinking of safe and pure water supplies in the same way to spot groundwater polluted areas.
  • To discuss with other departments to apply recharging programmed of groundwater and water supply
  • To make provisions for passing groundwater through the effective
UP Ground Water Department
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Schemes of the UP Ground Water Department

The UP Ground Water Department has executed several schemes to uplift the status of the groundwater preservation system and allied issues for which they have sanctioned a number of plans, some of them are –

  • Ground Water assessment, Survey development
  • Thoroughlygroundwater resource mapping
  • Testing of groundwater level and also sources of groundwater.
  • Use the GIS-based map to identify the core planning sectors.
  • Rainwater harvesting systems on Government buildings.
  • Groundwater resources quality mapping and observing.
  • General awareness for people of groundwater
  • Establishment of RegionalGroundwater hub
  • State Groundwater Conservation Mission (Proposed)

The department tries to succeed to makes multiple of the groundwater based project and the officer of the department discuss with the central ministry about these project. They are also concerned about underground drainage system which is also similarly connected with the groundwater.

Ground Water Department of UP
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UP Ground Water Department Services

However, UP Ground Water Department provides the services of the following:

NOC (No Objection Certificate)

Also if you have any queries (pr) complaints you can get in touch with the department, here:

Important Details of Ground Water Department of UP
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