Prantiya Rakshak Dal UP – For Development of Rural Youth

Yuva Kalyan Vibhag Uttar Pradesh

What is this program (Prantiya Rakshak Dal UP) all about?

This program of Prantiya Rakshak Dal UP is about promoting the overall development of rural youth. It aims at promoting games in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh so as to develop an interest of the local youth in these games. This enables the state to bring together the best players all around the state. Earlier some great players were missed because of lack of opportunity. Because of such a program, the UP government is able to keep an eye on good athletes who can someday represent their State or even India. This program is supervised by Yuva Kalyan Vibhag UP. By the name itself, you must have understood the major role of this division of the government.

Prantiya Rakshak Dal UP
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The key points of Prantiya Rakshak Dal

This department has certain aims which it is trying to fulfill. The major plans for this department carried out for a long time now. The following programs undertaken by Prantiya Rakshak Dal Uttar Pradesh: –

  • Promoting sports was major aim for this campaign. Since its inception, this body has set up a total of 81 stadiums.
  • ‘Play India’ campaign was undertaken to promote the interest of rural youth in sports.
  • To know about “Play India” visit Prantiya Rakshak Dal Uttar Pradesh official portal:
  • A total of 198 playgrounds made available for the locals to play whatever sports they like.
  • Prantiya Rakshak Dal UP is not only into promoting sports but also cultural activities. They have been into promoting several forms of classical dancing so that the youth remain attached to their national interest.
  • They are also into generating a sense of patriotism amongst the youth by getting them into provisional security training and also uniform training.
  • It also functions towards creating awareness amongst the youth about the importance of social service. Youth encouraged to undertake several social service activities in order to create a sense of responsibility among them.
Prantiya Rakshak Dal Uttar Pradesh
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Work of Officers

To know the departmental officers’ duties and works visit Yuva Kalyan Vibhag Uttar Pradesh Official Portal:

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Yuva Kalyan Vibhag UP
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State Youth Welfare Council

The State Youth Welfare Council has existed in the year 1977 which is responsible for educating the youth in performing all the activities. To know the complete details of the State Youth Welfare Council visit  Yuva Kalyan Vibhag Uttar Pradesh Official Portal:

Yuva Kalyan Vibhag Uttar Pradesh
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