All you need to know about Telangana Waybill – TGCT

Telangana Waybill – TGCT

The Telangana State Government has significantly strengthened and updated the structure of its IT Telangana. As an example, we can cite the Commercial Tax Department’s replacement of manual Telangana waybill with the automated waybills in the state since the year 2015, from December. In Telangana Commercial Tax Department, you can find more details about its services.

Telangana waybill was available during the pre-GST regime as well. There were CST Waybills and Telangana VAT Waybills in the past. In TS Online Portal, you can find more details.Telangana ewaybill website

Is EWay bill mandatory for movement of commercial goods?

EWay bills are necessary for the people of Telangana. For movement of commercial goods within Telangana, the Telangana Commercial Tax Department Management System (TGCT) has introduced a State Portal. Users need to login to this portal and avail permission for intra-state transport. This portal generates e-way bills. Users also need to visit the e-way portal or the NIC portal to move goods across the borders of this particular state.

How can you register for generation of Intra-state e-way bills?

If you want to register for the Intra-state Telangana waybill, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website of TGCT for generation of Telangana Waybill which is https://tgct.gov.in/tgportal/DlrServices/DLR_LoginGST.aspx.
  2. You will find the link for “Registration for GST Waybill” on their homepage, and you need to click on it to proceed.
  3. You need to type your GSTIN and then press Enter.

A screen appears before you, and you need to fill up all the details like the first name, phone number, email id, etc. Select the “Get Password” option. You’ll get the password on your mail, and your registration is complete.

telangana eway bill

To Generate the Telangana Waybill, all users and dealers are requested to use the Mozilla Firefox Browser.

Important Details of Telangana Way Bill