Acts and Rules of UP Home Guard Duty Company

Acts and Rules of UP Home Guard Duty Company

UP Home Guard is an independent organisation, which is based on a work-service and a governmental organisation. This organisation is established in total UP city where Home guards are around 1,18,348 in numbers. In this case, about 10,000 home guards are armed and near about 3417 women home guards are included with the organisation and If there is need to fulfil the requirement, they are involved.For more information,visit the official website.

UP Home Guard
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The function of the UP Home Guard

The functions of Home Guards are:

  • To provide as additional to the Police and usually assist in keeping internal security strong.
  • assisting the police if any kind of Emergencyawakens like any kind of natural disaster.
  • To assist police as well as defense
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Acts and Rules

A number of various professionals like engineers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, Government Servants, college and university students recruited for the home guard duty company. All citizens who are between 18-50 eligible for this job and if anyone wants to connect to this profession they much need some basic criteria. The website provides every type of information.

  • Physical fitness is required for this job
  • Mental strength needed to join this profession
  • The capacity of the tackle awkward situation is an advanced decisive factor
  • To become a home guard requires some basic qualification
Home guard duty company
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Administrative work for the home guard

  • Establishment related matters of gazetted officers of the Home Guards organisation, including selection, salary fixation, promotions, transfers, representations against adverse entries, judicial, complaints, and their investigations, issues of assembly / legislative council questions/assurances.
  • Promotion of retired officers of gazetted officers / non-gazetted employees of the Home Guards Department.
  • All the budgets of the Home guards Department and reimbursement related works from the Government of India, including the work related to draft and
  • Financial Assistance from the Home Guards Welfare Manual
Home guard duty
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Home Guard Duty Company E – Citizen

Home Guard Duty Company provides the E – Citizen services of:

  • Citizen Charter
  • Right to Information

Home Guard Deployment Details

Deployment details will consist of the following details:

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Know the Mandate Number, Date of Mandate, Section, Mandate Category and Subject here:

Important Details of Homeguard
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