Chandigarh – Union Territory of India

Chandigarh – चण्डीगढ़

Chandigarh is one among the 07 Union Territories of India and is also a city which is a capital city of the Indian states of Punjab and Haryana. It is bordered with Haryana which is located on the east so it is a “CH Capital Region (or) Greater CH” and Punjab which is located on the south, north and west of India. It is located on the north of New Delhi which is 260 kilometers away (or) 162 miles, on the south-east of Amritsar which is 229 kilometers away (or) 143 miles and on the south-west of Shimla which is 116 kilometers away (or) 72 miles.

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Chandigarh Population

The Population of CH City is about 1,055,450 which is the most densely populated cities and Union Territories of India. The city is covering with an area of 114 square kilometers (or) 44 square miles, which comes 34th on the area basis in India Country.

Chandigarh City
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CH City Language

The official of CH is “English” but the majority of people will speak in “Hindi” (चंडीगढ़) i.e, approximately 67.53% of people use the Hindi language to speak and “Punjabi” (ਚੰਦੀਗਰ) i.e, approximately 27.89% of people use Punjabi. The textbooks used in the languages of Hindi, Punjabi, and English in the government schools.

CH City
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Formation of Union Territory of Chandigarh

The Union Territory of CH City existed on the year 01st Nov of 1966. Punjab and Haryana high court is the official Judicial of the city.

The Indian city of CH Symbols

Emblem Open Hand Emblem
Animal Indian grey mongoose
Bird Indian grey hornbill
Flower Dhak
Fruit Mango
Tree Blue Jacaranda

Holiday Destination Designated by CH Tourism and Culture

  • The CH has the special and unique attraction of “Zakir Hussain Rose Garden” which consists of 1600 species of roses.
  • Every year on the month of February “The rose festival” is celebrated by the peoples in the city
  • Along with rose festival “The Mango Festival” is celebrated during the period of the monsoon season
  • Also, they celebrate “Navratri” on the month of “September (or) October
  • Chhatbir Zoo
Zakir Hussain Rose Garden
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CH Rivers

The following are the few Rivers of CH which flows through the city:

As no river will flow through the city but only one river named as “Ghaggar River” flows from the city and arises at the state of Himachal Pradesh

Important Details of CH City
  • Chandigarh Official Website: Click Here
  • CH City Administrator: Shri.V.P. Singh Badnore
  • Chandigarh Contact Details: Get Contacts