Terms and Conditions of Fisheries Department UP

Terms and Conditions of Fisheries Department UP

Fisheries Department UP: The fish has a very important role to provide a healthy protein diet and it is almost the favourite food of every person. Any person wishing to have their own private pond or private land or leased pond for the purpose of pisciculture, the Uttar Pradesh department give the approval to get the facilities for the same. Interested persons who have their own private land or pond can contact the district office of Khatauni. Fisheries department has some rules of fish farming, which is mandatory to follow by every fisherman. Interested people can contact the district office with all necessary certificates and credentials for the necessary paperwork.

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A List of some guidelines for Fisheries Department UP

  • The project is prepared by the Regional Fisheries Development Officer / Engineer by surveying the land/pond.
  • The soil samples of ponds / proposed ponds are tested free of cost in the departmental laboratory and its information is given to the interested person.
  • If there is any deficiency is shown after soil-water testing, then the department gives the information to the concerned owner/person.
  • If the pond or land is suitable for the fishery, then the project is prepared by the district office and sent for approval of the loan.
  • After selection of bank approved the loan amount transfer in a bank
  • People can contact fisheries officers to know every technique of
  • Fishery seed is supplied by Fisheries Department / Fisheries Development Corporation. Interested fisheries can obtain fishery seeds from
  • From time to time, information is given to the fishermen and all of the fisheries schemes are provided for them.
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Some basic Criteria

UP Fisheries department has declared Some criteria which must be fulfilled by the fishermen :

  • A Suitable pond selection
  • Additional option of an appropriate place for making a new pond.
  • Testing of suitable water or soil for the pond

Necessary initiatives have taken by the Matsya vibhag UP to provide a fresh supply of fish direct from the pond to the local market regulated market committees which help the buyer to purchase the fish at a fair price.

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UP Fisheries department Schemes (योजनाएं)

UP Fisheries department provides the schemes for the beneficiary families based on the central sector schemes, know the UP UP Fisheries department Schemes here: http://fisheries.up.nic.in/schemes.htm

Also know the institutions of the fisheries department in all the districts of Uttar Pradesh here: http://fisheries.up.nic.in/other_institutes.htm

Important Information (महत्वपूर्ण सूचनायें)

Know the under construction projects of the Uttar Pradesh Fisheries Departmental details including The fish shelter, reservoirs, ponds, fisheries fields of the department etc and know the complete details of महत्वपूर्ण सूचनायें here: http://fisheries.up.nic.in/underconstruction.htm

Also know the Tenders (टेण्डर) of the Uttar Pradesh Fisheries Department here: http://fisheries.up.nic.in/tender.html

Uttar Pradesh Fisheries Department Publications

Know the Uttar Pradesh Fisheries Department Publications and manuals in the following:

1. प्रशिक्षण एवं प्रसार संबंधी मैनुअल (Manual on training and dissemination)
2. मीठे जल में महाझींगा पालन (Freshwater maiden breeding)
3. मत्स्य पालन तकनीक (Fishing Techniques)
4. कृत्रिम साधनों से मत्स्य बीज उत्पादन ( उत्प्रेरित प्रजनन विधि) (Fishery Seed Production (Activated Reproductive Method) from Artificial Means)

Uttar Pradesh Fisheries Department Acts and Gazettes

Uttar Pradesh providing the acts and gazettes for the department of fisheries in the following:

1 मत्स्य विभाग एक्ट (Fisheries Act)
2 उत्तर प्रदेश जनहित गारन्टी अधिनियम-2011 (Uttar Pradesh Janhit Guarantee Act-2011)
Fishing Techniques ( मत्स्य पालन तकनीक)

Know the techniques of the fishing from the Department of Fisheries of the state of Uttar Pradesh in the following:

1. मत्स्य पालन का महत्व (Importance of fisheries)
2. मत्स्य पालन हेतु गाइडलाइन्स (Guidelines for Fisheries)
3. मत्स्य पालन सम्बन्धी विस्तृत विवरण (Fisheries Detailed Description)
4. मत्स्य रोग, लक्षण एवं निदान (Fisheries disease, symptoms and diagnosis)
5. पूरक आहार (Supplements)
6. सामान्य तौर पर पूछी जाने वाली प्रश्नावली (Generally Asked Questionnaire)
7. मत्स्य जीवी सहकारी समितियों का गठन (Formation of Fish GV Cooperative Societies)
Statistics (सॉख्यकी) of the Fisheries Department of UP

Know the data of the statistics of the Fisheries Department of UP including Lease, Fishery seed distribution, the productivity of the fishery and many more here: http://fisheries.up.nic.in/stat.htm

Alos know the Fishery Development Policy  (मत्स्य विकास नीति) Here: http://fisheries.up.nic.in/fishPolicy2013Eng.pdf

Important Details of Fisheries Department of UP
  • Fisheries Department UP Website: http://fisheries.up.nic.in
  • UP Fisheries Department Helpline Number: 0522 2740414
  • Fisheries Department of UP Support Mail: rs_anshu@yahoo.co.in