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UP PWD stands for “Uttar Pradesh Public Works Department” which is nothing but a UP government body. The main job of this department is to execute construction, strengthening, improvement, and maintenance of the bridges and roads. Apart from that, the responsibility for the construction of specific buildings of the state is also bestowed upon this department.

Uttar Pradesh Public Works Department
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On the other hand, UP PWD also undertakes the job of maintaining the National Highways passing through UP that is not covered by National Highways Authority. The required funds for such projects are obviously provided by the Government of India. The monitoring jobs of such projects fall under various schemes and bestowed upon 12 different Zonal Chief Engineers.

The PWD is there to execute various works of the construction and improvement of linking roads in rural areas. They are also to widen and improve state roads, districts roads, narrow and damaged bridges in the rural areas, etc.

For proper and successful operation of the proposed schemes by the PWD, the offices of the Superintending Engineers in various districts, as well as Chief Engineers in the Commissionaires, are properly established. They are there to execute proper monitoring of works by removing obstacles and hurdles in the planning, executing and quality controlling. To know more about PWD, visit www.upsects.in website. Moreover, if you want to go for the registration process then visit PWD registration page.

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  • Connecting the districts of Uttar Pradesh with the 4-lane route.
  • Widening as well as strengthening the roads of UP under State Plan. Various state highways, main district roads as well as district roads fall under this scheme. Making 1850 km of the state highways also fall under this scheme.
  • Building various bridges of the state is another major scheme or project of PWD to complete.
  • NABARD Assisted Project: Constructions of the various rural roads come under this scheme. On the other hand, maintaining and rejuvenating other major district roads also come under this project.
  • Work Bank Assisted Project.
  • Asian Development Bank assisted the project. The total cost of this project is known to be around 2782 crore.
Uttar Pradesh Districts
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Role and Responsibility of PWD Officers

  • Chief Engineer: There is two primary posts of Chief Engineer. The engineer is considered to be the head of a project and controls various things associated with the project.
  • Chief Architect: After Chief Engineer, Chief Architect is the main man in a project. Be it approval of maps or finalizing the model of a building, Chief Architect does all.

PWD UP Roads and Bridges

Know the complete details of PWD UP Roads and Bridges report here: http://uppwd.gov.in/en/roaddetail

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Also know the PWD UP Tenders here: https://etender.up.nic.in/nicgep/app

The budget of PWD UP

Here you will get to know the details of PWD UP Budget in the following:

Also, know the PWD UP Citizen Charter here: http://uppwd.gov.in/pages/en-topmenu/citizen-charter

Patch Repair Works of Uttar Pradesh Public Works Department

Uttar Pradesh Public Works Department providing the facility of Patch Repair Works in Mandal, city and district wise. know the Patch Repair Works of Uttar Pradesh Public Works Department here and you can download the Patch Repair Works of PWD UP: http://uppwd.gov.in/pages/en-topmenusecond/cm-announcement

Also know the Electrical and Mechanical items, products, services and many more here: http://uppwd.gov.in/pages/en-topmenusecond/electrical—mechanical

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Buildings and Architectures of Public Works Department of Uttar Pradesh

Public Works Department of Uttar Pradesh providing the details of the list of building and architectures in Mandals, cities, and districts in the following:

Also know the Road Safety details of UP PWD here: http://uppwd.gov.in/pages/en-topmenusecond/road-safety-ids/road-safety


IDSP stands for “Institutional Development and Strengthening Projects” which works under the implementation of TA consultants, know complete details of IDSP (Institutional Development and Strengthening Projects) here: http://uppwd.gov.in/pages/en-topmenusecond/road-safety-ids/ids

Also know the World’s Bank Projects of PWD UP here: http://uppwd.gov.in/pages/en-topmenusecond/-e-a-projects/world-bank-projects

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