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Do you know anything about the UP tourism? Well, the Tourism UP under the government of the Uttar Pradesh mainly focuses on all those spots which are of the origin of Buddhist and the Hindus. There has also been a booklet which deals with the Uttar Pradesh Tourism and Tourism Uttar Pradesh even pays special importance to the conclave called Ramayana conclave which takes place for six straight days and is of international stature. Know Tourism of UP Details here

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The conclave was supposed to take place at Chitrakoot. This was the place where the Vishnu incarnate, the prince of Ayodhya Ram, had spent about 11 years of his 14 years sentenced to exile. The Chunar Kila which was also constructed by the Emperor Vikramaditya.

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Know and visit the place Lord Shiva had done Tandav

There is also the Shaktipeeth which is located on the border of UP as well as Nepal and this is the place which is believed to be the place where the Tandav was performed by Lord Shiva. Then there is the place where Lord Krishna had spent moments from his childhood known as the Brajbhumi and the very place where the great Lord Buddha had attained salvation known as the Kushina Garg.

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There is also information about all the religious places in Tourism UP

It has been known from the sources of Uttar Pradesh, the very purpose of this booklet which is about 36 pages is titled Uttar Pradesh-Apar Sambhavnayeh which can be translated as unlimited or infinite possibilities. All of these you will find under the Uttar Pradesh tourism.

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The booklet will be giving you a very good idea about the various tourist places in UP and you will also be getting to know a lot about their culture and beliefs. The booklet has several stories which have taken from the scriptures of the Hindus. Focus has given on the method or the way in which the Shakumbari temple built or constructed as well as located at Saharanpur. It believed that Goddess Durga, saviour of all had killed Mahisasur, a demon, thus freeing the world of evil. You can also read about Varanasi.

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