Get to Know Some of the Facts about Allahabad Court

About Allahabad Court

The entire judicial system of India is quite different from the rest. According to this system, the supreme court of India sits right at the top. There are about twenty high courts in the country and these are the ones which stand at the top of all the other courts of that particular state. Among those, there is Allahabad high court which is redeemed to be one of the best high courts across India. This article presents some of the facts about this Allahabad Court which you should be aware of if you are a citizen of India.


This high court has the jurisdiction over the state of Uttar Pradesh of India. This court was established in the year of 11869 and from then onwards this court has taken over several serious cases and provided justice to the victims. Therefore, if you are living in Uttar Pradesh districts and you are in some kind of a pickle, then make sure you take the help of this court because chances are that justice will be served to you.

Number of seats

This court has a record of holding the highest number of seats in entire India. The maximum number of seats which are served to the judges is 160 and it is the highest in India. You should also know that the actual seats of the court are at Allahabad itself. However, it is in Lucknow that it maintains a proper capital of Uttar Pradesh Government.

Allahabad Court

Kind of cases the court handles

Overall, the court handles all kinds of cases but there are some which are quite high than the usual. Some of the top cases which are a bit higher than the usual are the criminal cases of Allahabad, cases of the civil journal, also daily judgments and the weekly cases.

Rent cases are quite common, and cases of education and the local bodies are also quite common.

Also, know the Cause List Allahabad here:

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Services of the high court of Judicature at Allahabad

It is the best UP high court. You can also check Allahabad high court case status. The staff of the court divided into four broad categories. You can check more about it at

View Allahabad high court case status here:

Allahabad Court case status
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You can  search case status with the help of “Case Number” and view Allahabad high court case status here:

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You can  search case status with the help of “Crime/ST Number” and view Allahabad high court case status here:

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Important Details of Court of Allahabad
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