Telangana Transport Department – Online TSRTA Services

About Telangana Transport Department

Telangana Transport Department has founded for the implementation of the supply of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 AP Motor Vehicle Act, 1963 and the rules and regulations are formed from there. In terms of Policy formulation, the Andhra Pradesh Government will regulate the Department of Transport along with its enforcement. The transport commissioner is the Head of the Department of Transport will administer the department.

Telangana Transport Department
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Functions of the Telangana Transport Department

Transport Department of Telangana has major functions which are shown in the following:

  • Taxes and Fees Collection
  • Giving certificates for the Transport Vehicles based on their fitness
  • Granting temporary and regular permits to the motor vehicles
  • Implementing the vehicles rules and acts
  • Telangana Driving Licence Issuance
  • Vehicles Registration
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Online Services of TSRTA

The transport department of Telangana providing the online services of the following:

The above online services are explained briefly in the following:

1. Learner Licence Telangana

The online services of Learner Licence (LL) of RTA Telangana are of the following:

  • New Learner Licence
  • New Learner Licence in place of expired Learner Licence
  • Learner Licence for an addition of a new class of vehicle
  • Issue duplicate Learner Licence
  • Retest for Learner Licence
  • An issue of Learner License for Expired DL
Learner Licence
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2. Driving Licence Telangana

The online services of Driving Licence (DL) of RTA Telangana are of the following:

  • Fresh Driving License
  • Addition of Class of Vehicle to Driving License
  • Badge
  • Surrender Of License
  • Renewal of License
  • Duplicate of License
  • International Driving Permit
  • Change Of Address
  • Retest for Driving Licence
  • Driving Licence History Sheet
  • Expired DL for Driving Licence
  • Hazardous License
Book Slot Online for Driving Licence
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3. Conductor Licence

The online services of Conductor Licence (CL) of RTA Telangana are of the following:

  • An issue of Fresh Conductor Licence
  • Renewal of Conductor Licence
  • An issue of duplicate Conductor Licence
  • Change of Address in Conductor Licence

4. The issue of Fitness Certificate

The online services of Fitness Certificate (FC) of RTA Telangana are of the following:

  • An issue of New Fitness Certificate
  • The issue of duplicate Fitness Certificate
  • Renewal of Fitness Certificate
  • Permission to get Fitness Certificate at Other Station
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5. Registration Services

The online services of Registration Services (RS) of RTA Telangana are of the following:

  • New Vehicle Registration
  • Reassignment of Vehicle
  • An issue of Fresh Registration Certificate in the name of Financier
  • An issue of B-Register (History sheet of the vehicle)
  • Hire Purchase Agreement
  • Hire Purchase Termination
  • Transfer of Ownership
  • Duplicate of RC
  • Renewal of RC
  • Change of Address
  • Alteration of Vehicle
  • An issue of NOC/CC
  • Cancellation of NOC/CC
Registration Services
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6. Permit Services

The online services of Permit Services (PS) of RTA Telangana are of the following:

  • An issue of New Permit
  • The issue of Duplicate Permit
  • Renewal Of Permit
  • Surrender Of Permit
  • Transfer of Permit
  • Renewal of Authorisation for National Permit
  • The issue of Duplicate Authorisation for National Permit
  • Variation Of Permit
  • Replacement Of Vehicle
  • The issue of Temporary/Special Permit

7. Recommendation Letter

The online services of Recommendation Letter (RL) of RTA Telangana are of the following:

  • The issue of Recommendation Letter
  • Renewal of Recommendation Letter
  • Duplicate of Recommendation Letter
  • Transfer of Recommendation Letter
  • Replacement Of Vehicle

8. Tax

The online services of Tax of RTA Telangana are of the following:

  • Quarterly Tax Payment
  • Green Tax Payment
  • Tax Token Print

9. Trade Certificate

The online services of Trade Certificate (TC) of RTA Telangana are of the following:

  • Fresh Trade Certificate
  • Duplicate Trade Certificate
  • Renewal Trade Certificate
Other Online Services of RTO Telangana

For the above online services application forms visit nearby Telangana RTO Office. The RTO Telangana providing the other online services are of the following:

  • Registration Number Search
  • Document Delivery Status
  • Status Of Registration Numbers
  • Tax Verification
  • Driving Licence Search
  • Citizen Friendly Services
  • Right To Information Act
  • NOC Details
  • MIS Reports
  • Dealers Registration
  • Vehicle Check Reports
  • Theft Vehicles
  • Hydraulic Trailers Permitted
  • Processing Of Hydraulic Axels Application
  • Road Safety Children Games
  • Admin Login
Pollution Control

In the state of Telangana, there are about 80 various types of motor vehicles so Day by Day the people’s health is becoming hazardous because of more usage of motor vehicles. So the Telangana Pollution Control Board providing the facility of controlling the pollution-emitting by the motor vehicles

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Pollution Load by Various Categories of Motor Vehicles
Two wheelers 56.20%
Three wheelers 34.00% 9.08%
Four wheelers(Petrol) 12.00%
Four wheelers(Diesel) 2.00%
Trucks 18.85%
Buses 1.54%
Others 0.26%

Important Details of Transport Department of Telangana