GWMC – Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation

About GWMC

GWMC stands for “Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation” is the Telangana State erstwhile municipalities department. Warangal district is one among the 31 districts of Telangana so in 1344 Fasli it was represented as “Major Municipality”. After the Telangana Formation under the GO M.S No. 40, it has declared as “Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation” on the date 28th Jan of 2015. Currently, the strength of ward members is about 58 with the area of 407.77 square kilometers. As per 2011 census, the current population of Warangal district is 8.30 lacs. It is administered by the Kakatiya Urban Development Authority

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GWMC Online Services

Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation provides the online services of the following:

  • Citizen Charter
  • Engineering
  • Grievance
  • Property Tax
  • Town Planning
  • Trade Licence
  • Road Cutting Permissions

The above services of Warangal Municipal Corporation will be explained briefly in the following:

Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation
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Citizen Charter

Charter of Citizen provides the online services of the following:

  • Citizen Charter Summary Report (Department wise Details)
  • Citizen Charter Status
  • Application Disposal analysis


Engineering provides the online services of the following:

  • Warangal City Development (CDP_MMC PDF)
  • Warangal Municipal Corporation Parks
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Grievance provides the online services of the following:

  • Department Wise Grievance Summary Report
  • Employment Wise Grievance Summary Report
  • Grievance Application Wise Report
  • Complaint Registration
  • Know Your Grievance Status

Property Tax

Property Tax provides the online services of the following:

  • Know Property Details
  • Number of registered Apartments in the Warangal
  • Calculate Property Tax
  • Know your Shop Rent
  • VLT Details (Vacant Land Tax)
  • Shop Rents DCB
  • Know Your Village New House No
  • Construction Details

WMC Enquiry Services

Warangal Municipal Corporation providing the Enquiry services of the following:

Mobile Bill Enquiry

You can get your mobile bills yearly statement with the help of your mobile number

Greater WMC
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GT Charges Enquiry

GT means “Garbage Transport” where you can know your Garbage Transport charge dues by entering your Shop ID number

Greater Warangal
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Service Person

You can know your service person by just entering your house number

Greater Warangal Municipal
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Meter Tap Enquiry

You can know your Meter Tap Dues by just entering your Mnno ID number

GWMC wiki
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Trade Enquiry

It provides the services of “Online Trade License Applications”

WMC Application forms

Download the Application forms of Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation from the official website of the following:

  • Mutation Application Form
  • New Assessment Application Form
  • Bifurcation Application Form
  • Revision Petition Application Form
  • Building Permission Application Form
  • Pension Application Form

Download the GWMC Pension application form and know your GWMC Pension Status online

  • Trade Application Form
  • Birth Application Form
  • Death Application Form
  • Tap Application Form
  • ISL Application Form
GWMC office
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Ward Wise Profile

Know the Ward Wise corporators along with their contact number, population, Assessment, number of Taps, Number of Trades, and Localities here:

GWMC Details
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KUDA Master Plan 2041

KUDA stands for “Kakatiya Urban Development Authority” which is the layout regularization development of the urban city. Know the KUDA Master Plan 2041 here:

KUDA Master Plan 2041 App:

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E – Challan Payments

Warangal Municipal Corporation providing the services of the paying the challans online of the following:

  • IGRS Registration Challan
  • Property Tax and Water Charges Challan
  • Trade License Challan
  • Shop Rent Challan
  • EMD Challan
  • Town Planning Challan
  • Tap Donation Challan

To pay online for the above challans visit Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation official website here:

GWMC office address
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Important Details of Warangal Municipal Corporation

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