Apply for (DL) Driving Licence Telangana

About Driving Licence Telangana

The Telangana Government through the Citizen’s Charter concept is decided to provide the facilities of moral, responsive, transparent (SMART), simple, accountable services to the Telangana People. In order to execute this facility, the Telangana Transport Department has simplified the process to get the Driving Licence Telangana

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Need of having Driving Licence Telangana

In order to drive any motor vehicle on the public roads, a driving licence which is valid is necessary as per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988.

Where we get Telangana Driving Licence?

We get Telangana Driving Licence at the nearby Telangana RTO office (Regional Transport Office) (or) Motor Vehicles Inspectors Office who are having the authority of your residential area.

Transport Department of Telangana
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Eligibility of getting Driving Licence in Telangana

There have some eligibility criteria in order to apply for the Driving Licence in Telangana and they are the following:

  • An applicant needs to complete at least 18 years of age in order to apply for a valid Driving Licence in Telangana
  • Applying for the Driving Licence an individual need to have a Telangana Learners Licence (LL).
  • The person is not eligible to apply for Driving Licence in Telangana without having Learners Licence
  • From the date of LL is issued after 01 Month within 06 months the applicant should apply for DL
  • If you are 20 years of age and already Having a valid DL then you are eligible for applying the DL for the transport vehicles
  • Before you apply for a valid DL the driving test will conduct by the authorities and you should aware of the basic traffic rules and regulations.
Learner Licence
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What are the documents required to apply for DL in Telangana?

In order to apply for Driving Licence in Telangana, there are some documents needed to apply and they are the following:

  • PAN Card Xerox
  • If the applicant is minor then a copy of written consent with signature and date by Parent’s (or) Guardian is needed
  • Birth Certificate (10th Memo) Xerox
  • One Passport size photo
  • Medical Fitness Certificate Xerox
  • Residential Proof (LIC, Ration Card, Passport, Voter ID) copy
Registration Services
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Telangana Licence Types

There are two types of Licences which are issued by the Telangana State, they are:

  1. Learners Licence
  2. Permanent Licence

The above two are briefly explained in the following:

Learners Licence

Learners Licence simply abbreviated as “LL” which a temporarily licence validity of 06 months. It issued by the Telangana Government when the applicant in process of learning the motor vehicle. Before you apply for a permanent Licence the LL should apply first.

Permanent Licence

Permanent Licence is a valid driving licence simply abbreviated as “DL” it is the Permanent licence issued by the Telangana Government and you can apply it after 01 Month of LL you applied. Then after when it has completed its validity then you have to do Renewal of DL in Telangana

How to apply for a DL in Telangana Online?

You can apply for a Driving Licence in Telangana Online by following the simple steps given below:

1. Firstly visit TS Transport Official portal

Department of Transport, Telangana
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2. Now click on “For Online Services” which is located on the right side of the homepage

3. Then it will open in the new tab with the AOS (Automated Online Services):

Transport Department Telangana
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4. Subsequently, click on “Driving Licence” which is located under the Driving Licence

5. Now enter your LL number, DOB, Contact number and click on “Request for Captcha”

Telangana Driving Licence
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6. Then enter the captcha which displays on the screen

7. After you can enter your personal details and click on “Submit”

8. After the submission of your application then you will get an “Application Reference Number” message via SMS (or) Email in order to take DL test

9. The vehicle should bring to the office on the test day

Note: The vehicle should be same which you have applied for the DL in Telangana

10. The candidate needs to drive in front of the RTO authority and the questions will ask based on the traffic rules and regulations during the driving the test

11. Within a few hours your driving licence status will announce and if we fail we need to redo the entire process

12. If the candidate passes the test then the DL will receive by post in a few days.

Important Details of Driving Licence Telangana

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