Sikkim State

About Sikkim State

Sikkim State is one among the 29 states of India which is located in the North Eastern Region and is bordered with Tibet Autonomous Region of China which is located on the northeast, Bhutan which is located on the east, Nepal which is on the west and West Bengal which is located on the South. It is also located close to the Siliguri Corridor of India near Bengaluru. The capital city is the “Gangtok” and also the largest city.

SK State
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Sikkim Population

The Population of SK is about 610,577 which is the 29th largest state in Indian population and the Districts are covering with an area of 7,096 square kilometres (or) 2,740  square miles, which comes 28th on the area basis.

SK Language

The official and native language of SK state are “Nepali” which is widely spoken languages in the state. In certain areas which Sikkimese (Bhutia) and Lepcha are spoken. The other languages includes  Groma, Limbu, Majhi, Nepal Bhasa, Sherpa, Tamang, Tibetan, Dzongkha, Yakha, Gurung, Thulung, Magar, Sunuwar, Majhwar and Rai

Sikkim State
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Formation of SK State

The state came into existence on the year 16th May of 1975. The High Court of Sikkim is the apex judicial body in the state.

Indian State of SK Symbols

Song Music of Sikkim
Animal Red
Bird Blood Pheasant
Flower Noble Dendrobium (Dendrobium Nobile)
Tree Rhododendron

Holiday Destination Designated by SK Tourism and Culture

  • SK state consists of many special attractions destination spot which includes Pilgrimage tourism, Village Tourism and Heritage tourism.
  • It consists of 03 types of culture peoples namely: Nepali, Bhutia and Lepcha
  • The celebrate Hindus major festivals of Dasara and Diwali
Sikkim wiki
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SK Districts

Sikkim Map illustrates that “Gangtok” is the capital and also the largest city of this northeastern state and consists of 04 Districts and below are the districts of the State:

  1. East Sikkim
  2. North Sikkim
  3. South Sikkim
  4. West Sikkim

SK Rivers

The below are the few rivers of SK which flows through the state:

  • Teesta River
  • Rangeet River
  • Lachen River
  • Jaldhaka River
  • Relli River
  • Rangpo River
  • Ranikhola
  • Lachung River
  • Roro Chu

Important Details of SK State

  • SK Website:
  • Secretariat Office of SK: Government of Sikkim Annexe 1, Top Floor, Kazi Road Gangtok, Sikkim – 737 101
  • SK Helpline Number: 03592-202601/207426
  • SK Support Mail:
  • Honourable SK Governor: Shri Shrinivas Patil
  • Honourable SK Chief Minister: Shri Pawan Chamling
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