The Ministry of Food Processing Industries – MOFPI

Ministry of Food Processing Industries – खाद्य प्रसंस्करण उद्योग मंत्रालय

The full form of Ministry of Food Processing Industries is MOFPI. This industry has developed a vibrant and robust sector of food processing in India. Now let’s take a look at the boards, research centers, schemes, institutes, etc. related to it. You’ll get to know about the training centers of food processing, plants, blacklisted NGOs, food parks, machinery suppliers, etc.

In the last 4 years, India’s food economy has grown a lot.

  • India has become the 1st largest producer of bananas, spices, milk, mangoes, pluses, and shrimp globally.
  • India has also ranked 2nd in the production of tea, cereals, and vegetables globally.

ministry of food processing industries

Now the food processing sector comes with various opportunities. For example,

  • Food processing industry is one of the fastest growing economies globally.
  • It produces multiple agri-commodities.
  • Food Processing comes with a customer base of 1.3 billion.
  • It is also the 3rd largest economy if you count it through its power priority purchasing.

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries has taken various initiatives for the growth and development. Let’s take a look at those initiatives.

It promotes the establishment of various specialized financial institutions related to Agro Processing.national horticulture board

  • These financial institutions come with various objectives. They are as follows
  • Banker’s upskilling
  • Refinancing and Funding
  • Programs monitoring and Acceleration
  • Knowledge bank
  • Risk participation mitigation
  • Direct structured credit
  • It has also taken initiatives to restrain price fluctuation and increase the income of onion, tomato and potato farmers.
Academies and Institutions of MOFPI
  • NIFTEM – National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management, New Delhi
Autonomous and Apex Institutions
  • Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology – IICPT, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu State

National horticulture boardnational horticulture board1

The Government of India introduced National Horticulture Board or NHB in the year 1984. According to the Societies Registration Act 1860, NHB is a Society, and the headquarters of NHB is at Gurugram, Haryana State.

It has different objectives. But the primary aim is to develop the Horticulture industry and also helps in sustaining and coordinating the processing and production of vegetables and fruits.

Sampada scheme

sampada scheme

Sampada scheme or PMKSY is basically an umbrella scheme. It incorporates different schemes including Mega Food Parks, Integrated Cold Chain, Expansion of Preservation Capacities and Food processing and a lot more. All these schemes come under the Union Ministry of Food Processing.

Mega Food Park

mega food park
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Mega Food Park is a scheme that aims to amplify the agricultural production. It also aims to bring the farmers, retailers, and processors together to ensure minimum wastage, and to increase the income of the farmers and also to create different opportunities for employment.

Similar wise the Government has introduced the Cold Chain scheme to preserve the infrastructure.

PSUs and Joint Ventures
  • Indian Grape Processing Board – IGPB
  • National Meat & Poultry Processing Board – NMPPB

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