BDP Telangana NeFMS – Benefit Disbursement Portal

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About BDP Telangana

BDP Telangana stands for “Benefit Disbursement Portal” is the Services Portal TS Online for payment of wages under the scheme of MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) Telangana. Formerly the disbursement of allowances has undertaken manually by the GPO’s (Government of India Post Offices) in the villages. So the disbursements have become late and the right persons are not assured. So the government of Telangana State has decided to make the process transparently using the methodology of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) for payment of allowances to the right beneficiaries.

Telangana BDP Objectives

The following are the Telangana BDP Objectives:

  • In order to eliminate (or) to reduce the leakages
  • In order to reduce the usage of paper
  • The disbursement to be done to the right peoples
  • In order to use the postal network elaborate spread for payments of allowances
  • In order to monitor efficiently, the “Built-in Alert (i.e., SMS (or) E-Mail) is issued
  • Using AEBA (Aadhar Enabled Biometric Authentication) the payments of allowances will do on the real-time basis with the help of Aadhaar Card
  • In order to reduce activities doing manually
  • In order to use the advanced technologies like Pos and BioMetrics
  • To make easy focus and DoP on For Operational Activities Vs Core Businesses
  • In order to generate MIS reports
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Implementation of Telangana Benefit Disbursement Portal

The Telangana Benefit Disbursement Portal has implemented by the CRD (Commissioner Rural Development) which provides the funds for payments. It also observes the overall project implementation. Firstly the project has started in the Telangana district of Nizamabad then after it has extended to the other districts of Telangana State.

The TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) has implemented the ICT Solutions for the scheme of MNREGA for the implementation of the program effectively along with monitoring.

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MIS Reports of Benefit Disbursement Portal of Telangana

MIS stands for “Management Information System” which provides the information of Benefit Disbursement Portal of Telangana as the following:

  • NeFMS (National Electronic Fund Management System) Reports
  • Reports regarding General
  • POTD Reports

Important Details of BDP of Telangana State

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