CCLA Telangana – Chief Commissioner of Land Administration

About CCLA Telangana

Telangana CCLA stands for “Chief Commissioner of Land Administration” is the Telangana Revenue Department primary authority administration. Telangana Chief Commissioner of Land Administration consists of Survey of Revenue, Settlements and Records of Land and departments of Urban Land Ceiling. Telangana Pahani will come under the administration of CCLA Telangana

Telangana Pahani
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Telangana CCLA Commissioner Functions

The following are the Functions of Telangana CCLA Commissioner:

  • The Commissioner employs the statutory functions like “Checking Pahani Records” etc
  • The Commissioner should perform the statutory as well as the supervisory role in the case of Settlement Land Records, Departments of Urban Land Ceiling, Surveys
  • The Special Authority Officer and also the concerned commissioner should perform the routing administration work like Tracking Land via Maa Bhoomi Portal respectively
  • The Telangana CCLA Commissioner is the link between the Land Records Administration and the Revenue Department
  • The Commissioner should observe and guides the Telangana Districts Collectors and also advises the state government on all the policy matters.

Check Telangana Pahani Records

About CSSLR Telangana

CSSLR stands for “The Commissioner Survey Settlements and Land Records” of Telangana which deals with the village, Towns revenue surveys for the administration of Land. The concerned officer is also responsible for Updation and maintenance of surveys and records of land. In order to work for the state towns and villages, the concerned commissioner will facilitate by his officers at the Taluk and district level of the Commissionerate.

CCLA Telangana
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Telangana CSSLR Vision

The Vision of CSSLR Telangana is “To Provide Citizen-Centric, Transparent, Accountable, Effective as well as Accurate Services which are applicable to Survey, Settlements and Land Records in Telangana State

CSSLR of Telangana Mission

The Mission of CSSLR of Telangana is “In order to provide the facility of services which are applicable to Survey, Settlements and Land Records in an order wise which make the highest degree of confidence in Telangana State public for the efficiency, fairness as well as the integrity

Telangana Chief Commissioner of Land Administration
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PSD Functions

PSD stands for “Public Service Delivery” and the following are the functions of PSD:

  • In order to maintain the work of Survey Sub-Division and Updated records of Land
  • Prints the Streets/Villages/Towns Survey Maps, State/Districts/Mandals/Taluks Maps and Field Measurements Books will distribute among them and also supplies the Xerox copies to the private candidates on disbursement.
  • In order to conduct supplemental/re-survey/original surveys and creation of records of land
  • In order to determine the land disputes of all types of land which come under the purview of revenue survey

Telangana Chief Commissioner of Land Administration Initiatives

The following are the initiatives of Telangana Chief Commissioner of Land Administration:

Important Details of CCLA of Telangana

  • CCLA Telangana Website:
  • Telangana CCLA Head Office: O/o CCLA Telangana State, Opp. Annapurna Hotel, Nampelly Station Road, Abids, Hyderabad, 506 001
  • Chief Commissioner of Land Administration Telangana Helpline Number: 91 40 23200027
  • Telangana Chief Commissioner of Land Administration Support Mail:
  • CCLA of Telangana Contact Details:
  • Honourable Telangana Revenue Department Minister: Sri Mohd. Mahmood Ali
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