DCA Telangana – Drugs Control Administration

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About DCA Telangana

DCA stands for “Drugs Control Administration” is one of the departments in Telangana State and in the year 1956 it was extended to the region of Telangana after the AP State formation. The 04 drugs inspectors have appointed and Drugs and Cosmetics Act implementation have extended to the state of Telangana. The DCA Telangana have been achieved a separate status under the Department of Ministry of Health, Medical and Family Welfare.

Image Source: www.dca.telangana.gov.in

Vision and Mission of Telangana DCA

The Vision of Telangana DCA is “To Protect the Health of the Telangana People” and the Mission of the Telangana DCA is “To make the Telangana State free from Fake Drugs and to safeguard the availability of quality drugs at the reasonable price which as fixed by the Central Government of India

DCA Department of Telangana Services

The following are the Services of DCA Department of Telangana State:

  • Drugs and Cosmetics Act Services
  • Services of Non – Statutory
  • WHO (World Health Organisation) Scheme Services
  • Services of Telangana Adaption Order 2016
  • Sales Services

Know more about DCA Department of Telangana Services here: http://dca.telangana.gov.in/content.php?U=15

Image Source: www.dca.telangana.gov.in

Department of DCA, Telangana Application Forms

The following are the application forms regarding Department of DCA, Telangana State:

  • Step-by-Step procedure for applying for DCA licenses/certificates
  • Drug Control Administration of Telangana Sales License Checklist
  • Manufacturing License Checklist of Drug Control Administration of Telangana
  • Changes in Existing Licenses of Drug Control Administration of Telangana
  • Drug Control Administration of Telangana Blood Bank License
  • NDPS License (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances)
  • DCA Telangana Certificates
  • Drug Control Administration of Telangana Application Forms

About Online Drug Licensing System

Online Drug Licensing System is the Administration of  Drugs Control of the Telangana Government which provides the information about Manufacturing, Sales, Blood Bank and NDPS (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances) etc.

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Important Details of Telangana Drugs Control Administration

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