The Department of Public Enterprises – MoHI and PE

Department of Public Enterprises – लोक उद्यम विभाग

3rd Lok Sabha’s Estimates Committee stressed on the necessity of establishing a centralized coordinating unit in India. They decided to establish it with an aim. They wanted to make a constant evaluation of the performances of different public enterprises. Later on, they decided to set up the BPE or the Bureau of Public Enterprises in the year 1965. The Ministry of Finance includes this department. In the year 1985, in September, the Ministry of Industry also included this department. After that, in the year 1990, the Bureau of Public Enterprises became a qualified Department. The name of this department was DPE or the Department of Public Enterprises. Now, it’s a specific section of the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises. Get more information about the DPE from here.

All the CPSEs or Central Public Sector Enterprises have a nodal department that formulates policies related to CPSEs. People recognize this department as DPE. It provides policy guidelines on the evaluation, performance, and improvement. This department also provides DPE guidelines on personnel management, financial delegation, and autonomy in CPSEs. It collects and maintains different information through the Public Enterprises Survey. It conducts it on several areas of CPSEs.

Several subjects come under DPE including

  • Public Enterprises have erstwhile Bureau. Residual works of these Bureaus come under it.
  • It coordinates general policy matters related to all Public Sector Enterprises.
  • Bureau monitors Public Sector Enterprises performences.

  • It provides training and counseling to those employees who work under the Central Public Sector. They offer it under the Voluntary Retirement Scheme.
  • Public Enterprises have International Center. They handle matters related to it.
  • They also handle matters related to Standing Conference.

Apart from that, this department is accountable for so many other important things.

Schemes, Programmes, and Missions

  • Public Enterprises(PE) Survey Report


Maharatna companies have to complete 3 years with an annual profit margin of Rs. 2,500 crore.

  • These companies have to have Rs. 10,000 crore net worth.
  • The turnover has to be Rs. 25,000 crore.

Maharatna companies are

Divisions, Units, and Wings

  • Counselling, Retraining, and Redeployment of VRS Employees
  • Department of Public Enterprises (DPE), MOU Division


  • Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE)

The Report of 3rd PRC or Pay Revision Committee for Central Public Sector Enterprises is valid from 2017, 1st January.

Department of Public Enterprises Website:
Fax Number: 24362646
Address Info:
Block No: 14,
CGO Complex,
New Delhi – 110003,

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