MGNREGS Telangana – మహాత్మా గాంధీ జాతీయ గ్రామీణ ఉపాధి హామీ పథకం

About MGNREGS Telangana

MGNREGS Telangana stands for “Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme” (మహాత్మా గాంధీ జాతీయ గ్రామీణ ఉపాధి హామీ పథకం) is the act 2005 which provides the improvement of security of livelihood. In every financial year which gives guaranteed wage employment for at least 100 days to each family for the members of adults to do unskilled physical work in the Telangana State.

Telangana MGNREGS

Telangana MGNREGS Permissible Works

The following are the list of Permissible Works which are under Telangana MGNREGS:

  • Boundary Trench
  • Cattle Pond
  • Cattle Proof Trench
  • Compost Pit
  • Cattle Ramp
  • Cattle Trough
  • dugout pond
  • Dumping Yard
  • Farm Pond
  • Feeder Channel
  • Closure of Breaches to Feeder Channel
  • Field Channel
  • Fish Breeding Pond
  • Mini Percolation Tank
  • Nadep Compost Pit
  • New Open Well
  • Pebble Bunding
  • Percolation Tank
  • Staggered Trenches
  • Stone Bunding
  • Surface Storage Pond
  • Threshing Floor
  • Water Absorption Trench
  • IIHHL Work Estimate cost of 10,000
  • IHHL Work Estimate cost of 16,000
  • Restoration of Irrigation tanks
  • Approach Road Cum Pipe Culvert
  • Recharge of dried up open well
  • Terracing in hilly areas
  • Vegetable Cultivation with pandals
NREGA Telangana
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NREGA Telangana Wage Seekers

The NREGA Telangana Wage Seekers (తెలంగాణ వేతన ఉద్యోగార్ధులు) part is utilized for the households registration. At the village level, the Gram Panchayat carries the households registration under the administration of the Head of the Village (Grama Sarpanch).

The Process to Apply for Telangana NREGA Wage Seekers

  • At the Gram Panchayat, the wage seeker along with his family members can register by submitting an application under the NREGA Telangana Scheme.
  • The information of wage seeker and his family members will send to the MCC (Mandal Computer Centre).
  • The Mandal Computer Centre will Allot a job card ID which is an 18 digit number which consists of habitation code which is a 14 digit number includes Assembly, Gram Panchayat, Habitation, District, Mandal and Village along with Household running Serial Number which is a 04 digit number.
  • A Job Card will submit to the Gram Panchayat which is generated by each household.
  • Now the Gram Panchayat will fix the wage seeker photograph and again will provide to the household
Telangana NREGA
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MGNREGS TS Wage Seekers Works

The following are the works of Telangana NREGA Wage Seekers Works:

  • The works are intimated by the Gram Panchayat are assigned to the wage seekers and Para Workers that should be done on the fixed dates and organized by the Para Worker
  • The Wage Seekers and Para Workers are combined work at the workplace and do the work which is already propagated according to the guidelines and the standards
  • At the MCC (Mandal Computer Centre) the Para Worker along with the Muster Roll will submit the weekly work progress
  • The Para Worker will give an acknowledgement slip of the weekly work details to each and every wage seeker

For More Details visit Telangana NREGA Official Portal:

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The TS Online Service Portal providing the facility of applying for job card through the MGNREGS TS portal. Apply Online for Brand New Job Cards under MGNREGS TS here: and you can download the application form and can take the print. After submission of your Application, you can check your MGNREGS TS Job Card Application Status here:

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