The Ministry of Mines – Geological Survey of India

Ministry of Mines – खान मंत्रालय

The Ministry of Mines deals with all the products of mines and minerals except coal, petroleum, and natural gas in India. All kinds of surveys related to these products come under the supervision of this ministry. The head office of this Ministry is in New Delhi. The name of the minister of this ministry is Narendra Singh Tomar. He is the in charge of this ministry from 2017.ministry of mines

This Ministry has a lot of responsibilities. This ministry has been working with a few autonomous bodies and organizations to fulfill these responsibilities successfully. The Ministry of Mines has a connection with the Geological Survey of India and also with another subordinate office. The name of the subordinate office is Indian Bureau of Mines. Other than these, this ministry has a connection with three public sector undertakings which include National Aluminium Company Limited or NALCO, Hindustan Copper Limited, and Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited. Three autonomous bodies which have a connection with this ministry are Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research Development and Design Centre, National Institute of Rock Mechanics and National Institute of Miner’s Health.

Schemes, Programmes, and Missionsmines and minerals act

TAMRA can abbreviate as Transparency, Action Monitoring and Resource Augmentation is a scheme launched by the Ministry of Mines.

  • TAMRA Website by Ministry of Mines

In 1993 the government of India introduced a policy named National Mineral Policy to maintain the liberalization in the mining sector. The primary objective of this policy was to encourage the private investors and adding new technology to the different process of mining and exploration. This policy was again reformed in 2008 to maintain more transparency. This change was to promote the process of scientific mining.geological survey of india

Subordinate Offices

Geological Survey & Studies of India founded in 1851 and it conducting the earth science information to Indian Govt, public, and industry. It also the participant of the Ministry of Coal, steel, cement, power distributor, metals and international geoscientific forums.

  • Geological Survey of India – GSI
  • Indian Bureau of Mines

Autonomous / Apex Institutions

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research Development and Design Centre – JNARDDC
  • National Institute of Miners Health – NIMH
  • National Institute of Rock Mechanics – NIRM


The Ministry of Mining maintains some laws. The Mines and Minerals Act came into existence in 1957. After this, it has changed its rules and regulations very often. The last change occurred in 2016. This ministry performs various functions. They maintain the law to develop the quality of the functions. They are still trying to establish the framework to increase the production.

PSUs and Joint Ventures

Get the list of PSU centers for mines and joint ventures list in the below procedure.

  • Hindustan Copper Limited – HCL
  • Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited – MECL
  • National Aluminium Company Limited – NALCO

ministry of mines india

All kinds of details about the Ministry of Mines India are available on their official website. People can directly contact all the officials whenever they need. They can even send direct mail to the minister, or they can directly call on 033-23782327/033-23782373. This ministry also covers the security of the people working under it along with their family members.

Ministry of Mines Website:
Phone Number: 23782373, 23382374
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Address Info:
Shastri Bhawan,
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