The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs (MPA) – Govt of India

Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs – संसदीय कार्य मंत्रालय

India is having the Parliamentary type of government. In this type of system, numerous works are going on every day. Many departments are working together on various issues. It is a very complex system of work. The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs efficiently monitors all the tasks that come under this Ministry in the Parliament. This Ministry is very small but does the most important job. It also acts as a connector between the two houses of the Parliament. It came into existence in 1949, and at that time it was merely a small department. Gradually it has become a ministry now and serving the government with the most crucial service.ministry of parliamentary affairs

This ministry works as per the Constitution. All bill related issues are the primary concern of this ministry. The ministry has to maintain a friendly relationship with the ministers and various departments to deal with the issues like pending bills, issue of new bills and mandate form, replace any ordinance, etc. From the approach of a new bill to the final passing of bills all these procedures are under the control of this ministry. The Ministry of Law and Justice is also intimately connected with this ministry as it drafts the bills.

MPA – Parliament Affairs

This ministry has almost 29 committees which consist of the members of Parliament and organizes meetings in between the sessions of the Parliament. Approximately 180 meetings they have arranged within a year. These committees have a connection with various ministries and departments to run the work smoothly. The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs controls all the functions and guidelines.mpa

Some of the other functions of this ministry include liaison between two secretariats of Parliament, various Ministries and also in between members of Parliament. The MPA is very much concerned about the welfare of its members. Giving nominations of the members for different committees also come under the responsibility of this ministry.

This Ministry plans all the business of both the houses of Parliament. It is also responsible for organizing All India Whips Conference. According to the Parliament Act of 1953, it controls the salary, all kinds of allowances and pensions of the members. Youth Parliament is also a part of this ministry which is there to encourage the young generation of our country.

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