TMEPMA – పట్టణ పేదరిక నిర్మూలన సంస్థ తెలంగాణ

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About TMEPMA (పట్టణ పేదరిక నిర్మూలన సంస్థ తెలంగాణ)

TMEPMA stands for “Telangana Mission for Elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas” is the division of Telangana MA and UD Department. This MEPMA TS Mission has launched by the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) on the year of 01st Sep to 2007 which formulates the scheme in order to implement the programs for the reduction of poverty in the Telangana Urban Areas. Honorable Telangana Chief Minister Sri Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao is the chairman of this MEPMA Telangana organization

Telangana MEPMA Objectives

The following are the objectives of State Government of Telangana MEPMA:

  • In order to implement the urban poor mainly the poorest of the poor people
  • In order to eliminate poverty and vulnerability in a continuous way
  • The main objective of Telangana MEPMA is in order to empower the urban poor women mainly who are staying in slums
  • In order to improve life quality in the Telangana Urban Areas

MEPMA Telangana Organizations

The following are the Organizations of MEPMA Telangana which are come under the Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department:

  • Firstly, SHG Groups
  • Secondly, Intervention of Disability
  • Thirdly, Community-Based Organizations Capacity Building
  • Creating Access to the Bank Credit
  • Subsidies for SEU
  • Stree Nidhi
  • Lastly, Social Security Measures
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The above the Organizations of MEPMA Telangana which are come under the Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department is explained briefly in the following:

SHG Groups

SHG stands for “Self Help Groups” which helps the urban women in order to form the group’s around 10 to 200 and help each other by saving and lending internally

The intervention of Disability (వైకల్యం)

With the Telangana Districts Collectors Approval, the Bhagavan Mahaveer Vilalangula Seva Samakhya MEPMA Corporation has assisted the progress of conducting the eleven camps for the persons of Disable in 10 districts of Telangana under SADAREM

Community-Based Organizations Capacity Building

The weekly pieces of training are organized through the organization of the following CGG (Centre for Good Governance), RCUES (Regional Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies), ASCI (Administrative Staff College of India), MCR HRD (Dr. Marri Chenna Reddy of Institute for Human Resource Development) etc

Creating Access to the Bank Credit

In order to provide the soft loans for the basic needs including Health, Social Needs and Education along with to take up activities of income generation in order to improve the economic condition

Subsidies for SEU

SEU stands for “Self Employment Units”, in order to set up Micro Business Enterprise the USEP MEPMA (Urban Self Employment Program) will provide 25% subsidy of the entire loan

Stree Nidhi (తెలంగాణ స్ట్రీ నిధి)

Telangana Stree Nidhi is the “State Level Women Credit Cooperative Society” is the SHG Women credit cooperative society

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Social Security Measures

The Social Security Measures provides the following schemes:

  • Firstly, JBY
  • Secondly, SHG Entrepreneurs
  • Thirdly, Awareness of Health
  • ABH (Abhaya Hastham)
  • Skill Training
  • RAY (Rajiv Awas Yojana)
  • MSB’s (Mahila Swasakthi Bhavans)
  • Lastly, CRC’s (Community Resources Centres)

The above Social Security Measures of Telangana MEPMA are explained briefly in the following:

JBY (జన శ్రీ బీమా యోజన)

JBY stands for “Jana Sree Bima Yojana” is the scheme of Scholarship Insurance

SHG Entrepreneurs

SHG Entrepreneurs is the linkage of the market to the Self Help Group Entrepreneurs along with their Products

Awareness of Health

In order to provide better health and to conduct programs for the awareness of the health

ABH (అభయ హస్తం)

ABH stands for “Abhaya Hastham” scheme of Insurance Linked Old Age Pension

Skill Training

It is the linkage of Placements in order to provide Skill Training

RAY (రాజీవ్ ఆవాస్ యోజన)

RAY stands for “Rajiv Awas Yojana” is the scheme of upgrading slums in order to provide infrastructure along with the housing. The Government of India has selected eleven towns of the following (GVMC, Tirupati, Kurnool, Kakinada, Nellore, GHMC, Ramagundam, VMC, Guntur, Warangal, and Rajahmundry) for enabling the RAY scheme

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MSB’s (మహిళా స్వశక్తి భవన్)

MSB’s stands for “Mahila Swasakthi Bhavans” around 60 MSB’s have sanctioned and they under work in progress


CRC’s stands for “Community Resources Centres” around 134 CRC’s have sanctioned and 81 are completed.

TS MEPMA Homestead Nurseries

The Homestead Nurseries of TS MEPMA is the TS Online service portal for one of the Telangana State flagship program “Telangana Ku Haritha Haram” (తెలంగాణ కు హరితా హరమ్). It is the nursery portal for Planting of trees and you can log in official portal of TS MEPMA

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Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme

Download the application forms regarding Telangana Double Bedroom Housing Scheme including Application for Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme, HFAPoA (Model Housing for all Plan of Action) for Urban Local Bodies (ULB’s) etc in official portal of TS MEPMA here:

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Telangana Water Supply Status Report

The Telangana state government providing the services of getting awareness of Report of Telangana Water Supply Status, Know the Telangana Water Supply Status Report through the City wise and also District wise in official portal of TS MEPMA

Important Details of MEPMA TS
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