The Ministry of Law and Justice – Bharat Sarkar

Ministry of Law and Justice – विधि एवं न्याय मंत्रालय 

This particular ministry came into existence in 1833 when the British Parliament was in action, and they enacted the Charter Act. It is the oldest department of the Indian Government (GOI). According to the act, the Governor General of the council had all the legislative power in India. But after Independence Day, the type of law was dominion legislature. After 1950 the Parliament exercised the legislative power according to the Constitution. The name of the law minister of India is Sri Ravi Shankar Prasad. Get more information about the Ministry of Law and Justice from here.ministry of law and justice

The Ministry of Law and Justice mainly comprises of two legal departments. The first department is the Legislative Department, and the other one is the Department of Legal Affairs. The Legislative department is primarily doing the drafting of the central legislation for the central government of India (भारत सरकार). The Department of Legal Affairs mainly deals with the issues regarding legal matters as the adviser to the different ministries of the government. You can get to know about all the laws of current days and also of the previous centuries in India Code. It is available on the internet. These laws are applicable only in India and India territories.

Department of Justice

Justice Department is responsible for administration in relation to various judges appointment. Get the Institutions, schemes and mission details from the Department of Justice in Bharath Sarkar.law ministry of india

Apex, Autonomous Bodies, and Organisations

  • National Judicial Academy, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
  • National Legal Services Authority – NALSA
Schemes, Programmes, and Missions
  • National Green Tribunal  – NGT, New Delhi
Academies and Institutions
  • Legal Information Institute of India – LII of India

This ministry performs various functions. Some of them include the appointment and also the resignation of the chief justice of India. This Ministry is also accountable for the election of the judges of Supreme Court of India as well as high courts of India, you can get the full details of the election in eCourts. It also deals with the salaries and even impeachment process. Different constitutions and organizations of Supreme Court give different fess. This department looks after that process too including the union territories of our country.

Department of Legal Affairs

Cabinet Ministry is the responsibility to deal with the legal affairs, administration and legislative assembly of Indian Justice. Get the field offices, commissions and more details about the Department of Legal Affairs.law and justice

Commissions, Committees, and Missions
  • Law Commission of India
Autonomous and Apex Institutions
  • International Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution – ICADR
Regional and Field Offices

It also serves the administrative purposes. It approves the funds through the Finance Commission. Law ministry monitors the activities of the prisoners and also collects the data. This ministry initiates the process of any legal reformation. This Ministry handles all the judicial services in India.

Legislative Department

The Legislative department is responsible for the administration in India. Get the schemes, programmes list from the GOI on the Legislative department.notary cell

Schemes, Programmes, and Missions
  • Constitution of India with all Amendments
  • e-LITIGATION, comprehensive Court Cases Monitoring, Delhi
  • INDIA CODE – Text Base of all the Central Legislations

Implementing different schemes are also the responsibility of this ministry. This ministry organizes different training and argumentation programmes on human resources. This ministry of Law has a notary cell to communicate with the common people. You can also get the detail information about the ministry from its official website which is http://lawmin.gov.in. India Code service is also available to give the best solution to the common people. For any query, people can send direct e-mails. The mail id is feedback-indiacode[at]gov[dot]in. The head office of the legislative department of this ministry is in New Delhi.

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