TSIPARD – Telangana State Institute of Rural Development

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TSIPARD stands for “Telangana State Institute of Rural Development” is a Telangana State functionary of PA and RD (Panchayat Raj and Rural Development) Building of Capacity and Training Institute. In order to upgrade the skills and in order to enhance the knowledge of PA and RD (Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Department) through the education of Action Research, Evaluation, Training and Monitoring is the main objective of this TSIRD. In order to meet the self-governance of local for sustainable rural prosperity is also facilitates for the objectives.

TSIRD Functions

The following are the main core functions of TSIRD:

  • Research
  • Consultancy Services
  • Capacity Building

Telangana State Institute of Rural Development Vision and Mission

The Vision

In order to change this institute as a centre of excellence in the department of PR and RD (Panchayat Raj and Rural Development) along with in order to develop the institute as an International honour

The Mission

  • In order to undertake the evaluation, consultancy services and research
  • In order to build the Panchayat Raj and Rural Development functionaries in order to achieve sustainable development
  • Through systematic training in order to evolve Local self-government institute
  • In order to create an implementation for rural development and to focus on evaluation, consulting services and research consistently
  • In order to offer different types of educational courses for people who want to excel in the Rural Development Career
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Institute of Rural Development of Telangana State Centers

The following are the centres of Institute of Rural Development of the Telangana State:

  • CNRM (Center for Natural Resource Management)
  • CRDT (Centre for Research, Documentation and Training)
  • CWCD (Center for Women and Child Development)
  • CMRI (Center for Management and Rural Infrastructure)
  • CWS (Centre for Water and Sanitation
  • CDP&A (Centre for Decentralized Planning and Administration)
  • CSATA (Center for Social Audit, Transparency and Accountability)
  • Center for IT and E-Governance
  • CMP (Center for Media and Publication)
  • CMED (Center for Management of Environment and Disaster)
  • CSE&E (Center for Social Empowerment and Equity)
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TSIPARD Education Programs

The following are the Education Programs of TSIPARD:

  • TSIPARD Courses
  • Education Facilities of TSIPARD
  • TSIPARD Teaching and Assessment

The above Education Programs of TSIPARD are briefly in the following:


The courses of TSIRD are of the following:

  • Rural Development and Decentralized Planning Certificate Course
  • Integrated Natural Resource Development Certificate Course

For more details, you can mail to the TSIPARD Director at pershit.tsipard@GOV.in

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TSIRD Education Facilities

The following are the Education Facilities of TSIRD:

  • Providing Computer facility of State of the art
  • Providing facilities for accommodation in order to feel comfortable
  • Canteen Facilities
  • Providing facility of training centres which are highly advanced in order to train
  • Providing the facility of the library with a collection of journals, magazines on all RD related issues and books in order to gain knowledge
  • Canteen Facilities in order to have healthy food
  • Providing the facility of World Class Auditorium
  • Relaxation facilities include Table Tennis Room, Outdoor sports court and Gym in order to feel relax and fresh

TSIRD Teaching and Assessment

  • All courses of TSIRD consist of tutorials, project works, lectures and seminars.
  • Each and every course of TSIRD consists of reading reference books which are encouraged in order to read in your perfect time for understanding
  • Apart from the campus, you can encourage in order to participate in different types of seminars and guest lecturers which are regularly conducted by the TSIRD.

Important Details of TSIRD

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