Telangana Gazette – The Commissionarate of Printing the Legal Documents

About Telangana Gazette

Telangana Gazette is an Authorized Legal Document and Public Journal of Telangana State Government. The “Commissionarate of Printing” is the department of printing and publishing the legal documents of Telangana. The word Gazette means an authorize Government legal document which contains all operational modes. The Cabinet Secretariat issues the Notifications from time to time and these are executed by the Telangana Gazette Officers. The Government Publications is the head of the Printing Commissionerate. The authorized publisher of Telangana State Government is the Commissionerate of Printing. In accordance with the Policies and Decisions of the Telangana State Government Publications are genuine in content, accurate and strict

Gazette Telangana
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Gazette Telangana Categories

Based on the Urgency in order to dispatch there are 02 types of categories of Gazette Telangana. They are of the following:

  1. Weekly Gazettes
  2. Extraordinary Gazettes

The above 02 Gazette Telangana will explain briefly in the following:

Weekly Gazettes

The Telangana Weekly Gazettes work on the daily basis. The Gazette notifications will send to the Telangana Gazette Officer with a covering letter and these notifications are send up to Wednesday and send in order to the concerned Telangana departments

Extraordinary Gazettes

These Extraordinary Gazettes are the immediate publishers and they will get notifications from the department of elections which are considered as the first priority and without any delay, these are published by them immediately. Based upon the type of size of paper, issuing department, notification and urgency these divided into eight types.

e Gazette of Telangana
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Telangana e Gazette

The All Gazettes digital directories are published by the Telangana State is known as “Telangana e Gazette”. It is an application of web-based which can use anywhere with the help of a web connection. In the Government website, the digital copies are uploading by the Commissionerate of Printing. When Gazettes have uploaded automatically the Job no. and Issue no. will generate.

View e Gazette Telangana Repository

In order to view the Gazette Repository of the particular department, issuing authority, Type of Gazette and Gazette Part of Telangana Districts visit here: http://tsgazette.cgg.gov.in/eGazetteSearch.do

View e gazette
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Search e Gazette of Telangana

In order to search the e Gazette of Telangana in Year Wise, Monthly Wise, Date Wise, Job Number Wise, Gazette Number Wise, along with the year of Telangana State Visit here: http://tsgazette.cgg.gov.in/viewGazette.do

Telangana Gazette
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Important Details of Gazette Telangana

  • Telangana Gazette Website: http://tsgazette.cgg.gov.in
  • Gazette Telangana Head Office: Government of Telangana Commissionerate of Printing Stationery & Stores Purchase, Chanchalguda Hyderabad, Telangana State