Jodhpur – City of Forts & Blue City of India

Jodhpur City –  जोधपुर शहर

Jodhpur is the second biggest city in the Rajasthan State. Jodhpur is the second metropolitan city of the state. It was before the seat of a princely state of the same name. The capital of the kingdom once known as Marwar. The Jodhpur city is a well-liked tourist destination in India. By conquering the surrounding territory, Jodha founded a state Marwar.

In Rajasthan Districts, the Jodhpur is very famous which having houses many palaces, forts, and temples, set in the harsh terra firma of the Thar Desert.  Jodhpur also called as Blue city of India because the view of the city from the top of the palace looks completely blue.

jodhpur city

Rathore clan ‘s Rajput chief named Rao Jodha founded the Jodhpur city in the year 1459. As Jodha hailed from the nearby town of Mandore, that town before served as the capital of Rajasthan. There are many attractive places in Jodhpur. It is the place where you can see carved temples, Colleges like AIIMS Jodhpur and more. Jodhpur is well-known for Mehrangarh Fort.

मेहरानगढ़ का दुर्ग – Mehrangarh Fortmehrangarh fort

Mehrangarh Fort rises above the old city. Mehrangarh Fort is one of the biggest forts in India. This fort is well-preserved heritage structure. There’s many more to discover inside. One of the highlights is the museum. This museum owns the exceptional collection of fine and applied arts belonging to the Mughal period.

The Fort’s walls have wrinkles with antique artillery and tender a panoramic view of the “Blue City”. The Fort is also a redolent setting for music festivals. Get the RTDC Hotels list for the tourists. Here, you can get all types of any hotels in the Rajasthan state. Travel in a Palace on Wheels, it is a luxury tourist train services launched by Ministry of Railways in association with RTDC.

Jodhpur is also famous for ride od flying fox. Zip-lining with Mehrangarh fort is a great opportunity for Adventure lovers. It has six zip lines and takes at least one and the half hour of time to finish. It lies in the north face of Mehrangarh Fort.


Tourism is the second leading industry of Jodhpur, you can get info on tourism services at Rajasthan Tourism (RTDC Tourism). Wheat and Mathenia red chilies are its major agricultural exports.  There is a marketplace for Wool and agricultural products. It is also well-known for the camel safari in Thar Desert, Jodhpur. Visit the Thar Desert with your family. Welcome will be in the traditional way. You will appreciate the cultures and traditions in this royal state. There is the ancient temple in Osian village nearby.

Jodhpur City Clock Towerjodhpur city clock tower

An awesome Urban Regeneration Project is, to renovate the Old City back to its former beauty. Project implementation is energetic and trendy. As a result, Jodhpur has a newly restore yet prehistoric step well, located just north of the clock tower. The step well built in 1740 and known as Toorji ka Jhalra. It sat inactive for years, until the pool and sandblasted the steps got purified.umaid bhawan palace

Marvel at Umaid Bhawan Palace has sited nearby the airport in Jodhpur. It is one of the enormous palaces to built in India. The museum usually displays old pictures of maharajas and their family.

Jodhpur called as Sun city as it has bright warm and sunny weather. Jodhpur founded by Rao Jodha of Mandore. This amazing city is steeped in culture, history, and royalty.

Jodhpur RecipesDal Baati Choorma

The city of Jodhpur is a famous place for the different type of Recipes where you can get Jodhpur Sabji, Thali, Dal Baati Choorma is, without doubt, have to do in Jodhpur trip. In visit the List of RTDC Hotels in Rajasthan and get delicious Recipes. This is the most iconic dish of Jodhpur. Your trip will be incomplete without the famous recipe Dal Baati Choorma.

There are many chronological places and best resorts in Jodhpur.

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