The Ministry of Tourism – Bharat Sarkar

Ministry of Tourism in India – पर्यटन मंत्रालय भारत सरकार 

This Ministry is a part of the Government of India (GOI). The name of the tourism minister of India is Shri Alphons Kannathanam. He is managing this Ministry from 2017. The primary objective of this Ministry of Tourism India is to develop the tourism in India and for that and they are also doing different kinds of promotions. The project, Incredible India has become very popular. It received global awards also.ministry of tourism

The Ministry of Tourism in India is planning all the programmes and policies related to the promotion of the tourism in India. This Ministry has a connection with other Central Government registered agencies. They made this connection to run this Ministry smoothly. It is also working together with some of the UTs and even with the private sectors.

This Ministry has distributed its duties to different people who are holding important posts. The Secretary looks after the administrative part of the Ministry. The office of the Secretary has merged with the office of the DG recently. India Tourism Development Corporation controls all the implementation of projects and programmes. There are almost 20 offices in India and 14 offices in abroad under this Ministry. The offices in abroad are mainly doing the promotion work for this Ministry of Tourism India. These offices also inform the people of the foreign countries about the attractions of our country.adventure tourism

Schemes, Programmes, and Missions of Tourism Ministry

The Ministry has also introduced many schemes for the development of the tourism of India and also Some of the schemes are Prasad scheme, Swadesh Darshan scheme, etc. Swadesh Darshan scheme is a scheme especially launched to highlight the cultural, historical and heritage sites of our country. This one is a theme based scheme. The Prasad scheme is for pilgrimage rejuvenation and to promote the spiritual sites of India. Both the schemes are becoming famous day by day, and this is developing the tourism of India.india tourism development corporation

  • Ecotourism Society of India – ESOI, New Delhi
  • Financial Accounting System – For IndiaTourism overseas offices
  • Project Monitoring Information System – PMIS
  • E-Recognition System for Travel Trade
  • Swadesh Darshan Scheme, Ministry of Tourism

This Ministry is trying hard to promote the beautiful Union Territories of India. Lakshadweep tourism is giving many attractive offers to visitors. The tourism in these places is increasing gradually. The word ecotourism becoming very famous in recent days. It means visiting the pristine beauty of nature in the undisturbed areas. It is mainly based on the objective to maintain sustainability in the environment. The Government has taken this great initiative to form this Ministry. It provides you with the Adventure Tourism, Ecotourism, Yaatra and many more and It helps to the growth of the economy of a particular country. Medical Tourism in India is also very much popular.itdc

Commissions, Committees, and Missions

  • National Mission for Manuscripts

Autonomous and Apex Institutions

  • Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management – IITTM
  • National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology – NCHMCT
  • National Institute of Watersports – NIWS

PSUs and Joint Ventures

  • India Tourism Development Corporation – ITDC, New Delhi

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