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About Telangana Labour Department

Telangana Labour Department is the Ministry of Labour and Employment Department of Government of India. It is the Employment Department for the wages and workers of the Telangana State.

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Labour Department of Telangana Objectives

The following are the Objectives of the Labour Department of Telangana:

  • In order to maintain the peace in industries
  • In order to ensure safety, working hours, leaves, gratuity, wages, welfare, weekly and other holidays, bonus for the workers
  • By implementing the schemes in order to promote the welfare and workers social security

TS Labour Department Functions

The following are the Functions of TS Labour Department:

  • In 73 Scheduled Employments in order to ensure the payment of wages (minimum) for the workers
  • Establishing the Licensing and Registration and Labour Welfare Fund Collection
  • In order to rescue and child labour release
  • In order to assess and collect the Cess from the works of construction
  • Unorganized workers registration
  • Trade Unions Registration
  • In order to register the buildings and other works regarding construction
TS Labour Department
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Labour Department of TS Major Activities

The following are the Activities of Labour Department of TS:

  • Quasi-Judicial Activities
  • Prosecutions and Inspections
  • Minimum Wages implementation
  • In order to Eliminate Child Labor
  • Conciliation Activities
  • Welfare and Social Security Schemes Implementation
  • Registration and Licensing
  • Compensation for Employees
  • Activities under other mandatory acts

The above Major Actives of Labour Department of TS is explained briefly in the following:

Labour Department of Telangana
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Quasi-Judicial Activities

In order to expeditious settlement of gratuity, compensation and wages claims Quasi-Judicial Activities will utilize in the TG Labour Department

Prosecutions and Inspections

In order to ensure the welfare, workers service conditions, safety the inspection has enabled and on serious matters, the Prosecution will enable

Elimination of Child Labor

In order to Eliminate Child Labor in the Telangana State, the TG Labour Department has ensured Child Labour Act 1986 (Regulation and Prohibition)

Conciliation Activities

It provides the facility of types of machinery for the industries disputes settlement through adjudication and conciliation

Labour Department of TS
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Welfare and Social Security Schemes Implementation

The following are the Welfare and Social Security Implementation Schemes of TG Labpur Department:

  • The Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board
  • The Labour Welfare Board
  • The State Security Board for Unorganized Workers

Registration and Licensing

The foundation of Registered, Licenced and Renewed under the following acts:

  • Motor Transport Workers Act
  • Beedi and Cigar Workers Act
  • Inter-State Migrant Workmen Act
  • Andhra Pradesh Shops and Establishments Act
  • Building and Other Construction Works Act
  • Contract Labour Act

Compensation for Employees

Under the Employees Compensation Act 1923, The Officials form Labour Department Assistant Commissioner will notify as Commissioners for Compensation of Employees

Activities under other mandatory acts

The following are the Activities under other mandatory acts:

  • Shops & Establishments Act 1988
  • Inter-State Migrant Workmen Act 1979
  • Beedi and Cigar Workers Act 1966
  • Motor Transport Workers Act 1961
  • Trade Unions Act 1926
  • Payment of Wages Act 1936
  • Contract Labour Act 1970
  • Industrial Employment Act 1946
  • Bonus Payment Act 1965
  • Gratuity Payment Act 1972

Important Details of Labour Department of TG

  • Telangana Labour Department Website:
  • Labour Department of Telangana Commissioner: Mr Ahmad Nadeem (IAS)
  • TS Labour Department Contact Details:
  • Labour Department of TS Helpline Number: 8333923734 
  • TG Labour Department Support Mail:
  • Honourable Telangana Home Minister: Sri Naini Narasimha Reddy
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