Telangana Krishna Pushkaralu – తెలంగాణ కృష్ణా పుష్కరాలు

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About Telangana Krishna Pushkaralu

Telangana Krishna Pushkaralu (తెలంగాణ కృష్ణా పుష్కరాలు) is the celebrated by the Telangana State People with the glory. It is celebrated in the South Indian States including Karnataka State, Telangana State and Andhra Pradesh State. Krishna Pushkaralu TS has completed in 2016 on 12th Aug to 23rd Aug and again it comes on the year 2028. The TSPCB has launched an Android App for the Telangana Pushkaralu in order to safeguard the Telangana People by providing the pollution control measurements, helpline numbers etc. These Festival are administered by the Telangana Endowments Department

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About Krishna Pushkaralu

Krishna Pushkaralu (కృష్ణా పుష్కరాలు) is the Hindus Festival of Holy Krishna River (కృష్ణ నది) which is celebrated in South India once in every 12 years and is celebrated in 12 days by dipping and worshipping on the banks of the Krishna River. It is also known as “Pushkaram (పుష్కరం) or Pushkara (పుష్కర)”

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Krishna Pushkara History

The Krishna Pushkara is observed that Planet Jupiter [Brihaspathi (బ్రిహస్పతి)] is entered in Virgo Planet at the time of Kanya Rasi (కన్యా రాశి) and remained for 12 months in that planet and as per the Indian belief, the 01st 12 days are considered as the most sacred period. So the peoples treated it as “Pushkara Vidhi” (పుష్కర విధి) and do Pushkara Snanam (పుష్కర స్నానం), Pushkara Vasa (Staying), Pushkara Darshanam (పుష్కర దర్శనం), Siro Mundana (దేవునికి వెండ్రుకలు ఇవ్వడం), Pushkara Fasting (పుష్కరా ఉపవాసం), Pushkara Pithru Karma (పుష్కర పితృ కర్మ), Pushkara Danam (పుష్కర దానం)

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Krishna Pushkara Ghats

The following are the Ghats (or) Banks of Krishna Pushkara:

Ghats in Amaravati District

  • Dhyana Budha Ghat
  • Shivalayam Ghat
  • Dharanikota Ghat

Ghats in Karnataka State

  • Raichur (Krishna Taluk)
  • Chikodi (Bagalkot)
  • Ghats in Vijayawada District
  • Krishnaveni Ghat
  • Sithanagaram Ghat
  • Bhavani Ghat
  • Padmavati Ghat
  • Pavitra Sangam Ghat
  • Durga Ghat
  • Punnami Ghat

Ghats in Kurnool District

  • Sangameswaram River Ghat
  • Pathala Ganga Ghat (Srisailam)
  • Ghats in Gadwal
  • Beechupally
  • Mahboob Nagar Juraala

Krishna Pushkaralu Telangana Accommodation

The TSTDC has provided the facilities of accommodation for the Telangana Districts Peoples:

In Mahabubnagar District

  • Alampur Haritha Hotel
  • Gadwal Hotel
  • Haritha Hotel Jetprole
  • Haritha Hotel Somasila

In Nalgonda District

  • Haritha Vijay Vihar Hotel
  • Yadagirigutta Haritha Hotel

For More Details of Accommodation Visit Krishna Pushkaralu Telangana official portal

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Krishna Pushkaralu Telangana Transportation

The TSRTC providing the bus facilities in all the places of Telangana Districts in order to reach safely. There are also the facilities of South Indian Railway Zones which are providing the special trains for Telangana People in order to reach safely. For More Details of Transportation Visit Krishna Pushkaralu TS official portal

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Important Details of Krishna Pushkaralu TS

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