Raksha Bandhan – Rakhi Festival History

Raksha Bandhan – रक्षाबंधन

India country named as a land of festivals, every festival has its own significance. The Raksha Bandhan festival is a special gift of Indian culture and also one of the Major Festivals in August 2018 India. It is a traditional festival in India, where the festival celebrated in the monsoon by 29 states in India with many styles. In some places, the Raksha Bandhan is also known as Rakhi festival. It is the symbol of love and protection between the brother and sister. Here, you can get the detailed information on how people are celebrating the Raksha Bandhan festival in our country.

rakhi festival

Rakhi Festival Celebration – राखी महोत्सव उत्सव

Sister applies tilak to his brother’s forehead and ties a religious thread called as Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi to the wrist of brother’s hand. She does arati and then offers special sweet & prays for his good health and wealth for long life. Brother offers a gift to his sister to protect her in lifelong. The Rakhi festival has so much importance in the social significance in terms of the respecting of women.importance of raksha bandhan

Before the festival of Rakhi, people start to buy the new dresses and delicious items. You can also find so many shops start selling the rakhi before 1 month of the festival. The people who leave long from the family like Indian soldiers, also enjoy the Raksha festival. Raksha Bandhan ca also be called as Rakhi, Saluno, Silono, Rakri based on the different regions. To celebrate the Rakhi festival, sisters come to the brother house and celebrate the historical festival with more affection and love between the brother and sister.raksha bandhan wiki

People who leave in abroad, many websites are providing the Raksha Bandhan festival celebrations through online from India to many countries. Women can find the many Rakhi images to send Rakhi greetings to his brother through online. To get more information about the Rakhi festival, visit: Click Here

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