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About RDHRMS Telangana

RDHRMS Telangana stands for “ Rural Development Human Resource Management Telangana ” is the TS Online Service Portal of SRDS (Society for Rural Development Services) of Telangana State. The different programs of Telangana RDHRMS rural development including Programmes of Comprehensive Land Development, Scheme of National Rural Employment Guarantee and Watersheds of the GOI (Government of India), Government of Telangana State (GOTS) are administered by the CRD (The Commissionerate of Rural Development).

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About SRDS Telangana

SRDS stands for “Society for Rural Development Services” is a non-profitable organization of support services of Telangana. It also provides the services of the following:

  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Consultancy Management

These Services are primarily covering in the following fields:

  • Management of Natural Resources
  • Institutional and Capacity Buildings
  • Employment of Wages
  • Rural Livelihoods
Telangana RDHRMS
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SRDS Welfare Fund

In order to provide the financial help to the permanent disable persons, WCC’s, in case of death, FTE’s permanent partially disables persons, EC’s will provide medical reimbursement to the beneficiary households.

For more details regarding SRDS Welfare Fund visit Telangana RDHRMS Official Portal in order to avail the benefits of the SRDS Telangana Welfare Fund

SRDS Welfare Fund
Image Source: www.rdhrms.telangana.gov.in

IT Integration

In order to avail the different HR Services the internet based HR Services will enable the Unit Reporting Officer, FTE’s, DDO and many more.

The following are the Services of IT Integration:

  • In order to access to Service Register
  • In order to access to Career Advancement List
  • FTE Contracts in order to generate
  • In order to Generate Pay Slip
  • Roster Register in order to access
  • In order to generate monthly pay orders
  • In order to generate HR analytical Reports

Important Details of Telangana RDHRMS