RICH Telangana – Research & Innovation Circle of Hyderabad

About RICH Telangana

RICH Telangana stands for ” Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad ” is an initiative programme formed by the Telangana State in order to unlock the Top Scientific Institutions National Treasure. Also in order to facilitate activities to the research process into the market, for this Telangana RICH requires the following needs in order to bring the smoothly continuous togetherness:

  • Innovations – In order to innovate the research process
  • Advisors – In order to advise the RICH departments
  • Services of Support and Funding – In order to provide the support and funding services
  • Brand New Ideas – In order to out-come with the brand new ideas
  • Technologies – In order to aware of knowledge regarding technology
  • Mentors – In order to guide and mentoring the RICH departments
RICH Telangana
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Telangana RICH Platform

Telangana RICH is the Platform of linking the following areas:

  • Academics
  • Venture Capitals
  • Incubators
  • Research Institutions
  • Industries
  • Angel Investors

Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad Sectors

The Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad will focus on the three main following sectors and collaboration of the same model will afterwards extend to other mandatory sectors of the Telangana State:

  • TSIIC (Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Limited)
  • Telangana Innovation Policy
  • Telangana Life Sciences Policy
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RICH TS Activities

The following are the activities of RICH TS:

  • Introducing the entrepreneurs to the funders and investors for different stages in order to grow by the raising funds
  • Providing the Protection of IP for the innovations in order to emerge the research, also in order to create the mechanisms for IP licensing
  • Coordinating the training inputs in the following areas of management of the business, execution of the project for entrepreneurs and scientists and design thinking
Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad
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TS RICH Departments

The following are the departments of TS RICH:

  • Aerospace and Defense Department
  • Food and Agricultural Department
  • Life Science and Pharmaceutical Departments
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The following is the Team of RICH TG:

  • AJIT RANGNEKAR – The Director-General
  • R BHUBESH KUMAR – The Director of Food and Agriculture
  • MANEESH KUNTE – The Director of Aerospace and Defence
  • PARIDHI GUPTA – The Head of Business Development, Life Sciences
  • PRIYANKA KOTHAPALLY – The Business Affairs Manager
  • ROHINI PIMPLE – The Director of Life Sciences

For more details of RICH TG Team members, details visit the following TG RICH Official Portal:

Important Details of RICH TG

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