Chittorgarh Fort – One of the Largest Forts in India

Chittorgarh Fort – चित्तौड़गढ़ किला

Chittorgarh is also known as Chittor city. It situated in southern part of Rajasthan state, in the northwestern part of India. Chittorgarh well connected to all parts of India by roadways, Railway & airways. The city of Chittorgarh originated on the banks of river Gambhiri and Berach. It tributary of the Banas and a previous capital of the Sisodia Rajput family of Mewar. Chittorgarh founded by Chitrangada Mori a king of Maurya dynasty. Chittorgarh has many tourist spots like Chittorgarh Fort, Rana Kumbha Palace, Fateh Prakash Palace, Meera Temple, Padmini Palace, Jain Mandir, Kalika Mata Mandir, Vijay Stambh, Gaumukh Reservoir & many more.chittorgarh city

Chittor Fort is the largest fort in India and Asia. The Chittorgarh fort constructed by Maurya leader Chitrangada. The name of the fort approached by its builder. Another fort legend attributes the construction of Fort to the legendary hero Bhima. It states that Bhima struck the ground which results in water springing up to form a reservoir. This artificial tank knows as Bhimlat Kund. Fort is famous for the Jauhar made by Rani Padmini and all the women of Chittorgarh palace during the war with Allaudin Khilji. The fort regarded as the symbol of Rajput resistance and bravery. chittorgarh fort

In the above picture, shows the beautiful architectural view of the Chittorgarh Fort. The fort named as one of the largest in India. The image also shows you the greatness of construction of the Chittor Fort.

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A Chittorgarh fort has seen many valiant battles. Owing to the battles and wars the city has seen, some warriors even have their status in installed in the fort by emperor Akbar. The beautiful extensive structure of the Chittorgarh fort attracts the tourist. The attraction of Fort can’t be avoided. Brief information about the Chittorgarh can find below:

The layout of the Chittorgarh fort

chittorgarh fort chittorgarh india
Image Source: inditales.com

The fort looks roughly like a fish when it is viewed from above. It extends across an area of 700 acres. The circumference of the fort covers an area of 13 kilometers. The fort has seven gates through that one has to pass along with numerous water pools. The main gate name is ram gate. There are two major towers within the premises of the fort namely Vijay Stambh and Kirti Stambh.

Chittorgarh Vijay Stambh

chittorgarh fort Vijay stambh
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This is the tower constructed by Mewar king, Rana Kumbha in the year 1448. The tower dedicated to Vishnu. The height of the tower approximately 37.19m. Sutradhar Jaita is the architect of Vijay Stambh.

Chittorgarh Meera Bai Temple

chittorgarh fort meera bai temple
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The Temple resembles the evidence of Meera Bai Temple for enormous love and affection that Meera felt for Lord Krishna. The Temple got erected by Rana Kumbha. The temple decorated beautifully with idols of Vishnu and other significant gods and goddesses. Meera spent most of the time in her life in this temple by expressing her devotion for Krishna through bhajans. Even now devotees get together in the temple and sing hymns which are created by Meera in Krishna temple.

Chittorgarh Rani Padmini Palace

chittorgarh fort rani padmini
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Chittorgarh Fort Rani Padmini palace situated in the center of the Chittorgarh fort. Rani Padmini married to the Rajput king Rawal Ratan Singh. Padmini knows throughout India for her beauty and intelligence. Rani Padmini committed Jauhar instead of captured by the enemy. The palace stands as the symbol for her bravery. The palace walls decorated with beautiful Rajput paintings. This outstanding creativity and paintings will attract visitors.

Eklingji Temple Chittorgarh

chittorgarh fort eklingji temple
Image Source: udaipurtaxi.co.in

Eklingji temple is a Hindu temple which is located in Kailash Puri, Udaipur. It is one of the District in Rajasthan Districts. It believed to be the ruling deity of Mewar. Maharana rules as he is dewan. The temple constructed in the 8th century by the ruler Bappa Rawal. The original temple and Murthy destroyed during invasions by Delhi Sultanate rulers. Later in the 14th century, Hamir Singh carried out renovations to the main temple. Rana Kumbha rebuilt the temple in the 15th century in addition to constructing a Vishnu temple. His 1460 dedication describes him as ‘personal servant of Eklinga’.

Goumukh Kund Chittorgarh

chittorgarh goumukh kundh
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Goumukh Kund well-known attraction sited at Chittorgarh Fort. Among eighty-four reservoirs in Chittorgarh, Goumukh Kund is one. It admired as ‘Tirth Raj of Chittorgarh‘. It resembles the shape of the cow’s face. The water in the Kund flows throughout the year. It slows down the flow during summer. Goumukh Kund considered as holy waters. it is the beautiful monument of Chittorgarh Fort. There is no specific season for visiting Goumukh Kund. Chittorgarh well connected via roadways and Indian Railways. , To get the train schedules and more, visit IRCTC NGeT and get the required info. The nearest station name is Chittorgarh railway station.

Jain Mandir Chittorgarhchittorgarh jain temple

In Chittorgarh city, we can find many Jain temples. They have the significant place in the Jainism history. The temple looks stunning and great manifestation of art and the structural design.

Chittorgarh is the best place to visit in Rajasthan. The beauty of Chittorgarh fort attracts tourist. This fort has occupied a soft corner in the hearts of every Indian. It is a marvel for the tourist destination.chittorgarh fort TIMINGS

  • Chittorgarh Famous for its history, Architecture, Religion, and photography.
  • Chittorgarh Visiting hours : 9:30 am to 5:00 pm daily
  • Entry fees: 20 INR for adults and 15 INR for children below 15 years of age
  • Visting duration: 3 to 4 hours

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