SCERT Telangana – రాష్ట్ర విద్యా పరిశోధన శిక్షణ సంస్థ

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About SCERT Telangana

SCERT Telangana stands for “ State Council of Educational Research and Training Telangana ” (రాష్ట్ర విద్యా పరిశోధన శిక్షణ సంస్థ) is the educational department of Telangana State. Telangana SCERT consists of all Lower Primary, Upper Primary, and TS Board of Secondary Education Schools Syllabus, Curriculum and Text Books.

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Telangana SCERT Objectives

The following are the objectives of Telangana SCERT:

  • In order to act as a clearinghouse for information and ideas in order to keep the teachers abreast and educating teachers in the education field of the advanced developments
  • On the evaluation of programs of education in order to undertake investigations, educational matters of survey and studies
  • In order to undertake books, Audio, Periodicals and Video Material publications
  • In order to organize training for primary teachers, Upper primary teachers and Secondary teachers for educating
  • Through extension services in order to provide the service of guidance to the Telangana Schools
  • In order to undertake research studies and appraisal in order to find out the programs of education impact in the Telangana Districts
  • In order to coordinate and in order to undertake the projects of action research on problems of education and institutional practices and many more.
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State Council of Educational Research and Training Telangana Functions

The following are the functions of State Council of Educational Research and Training Telangana:

  • In order to prepare Syllabus, Secondary Schools, Upper Primary and Primary institution Materials, Curriculum and other education systems
  • In order to bridge gaps b/w the techniques and methods that are recommended in training & the practices of actual classrooms
  • SCERT is functioning as the wing of academics of School Education and Academic Authority for Right To Education (RTE)
  • In order to organize the orientation programs for the Teaching educators, teachers, supervisors etc for their Professional Growth
  • In order to develop brand new courses in Teaching Education
  • The Programs of Academics coordinating with Organization of International and National
  • In order to conduct courses for teacher education to the untrained staff through the distance mode
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SCERT TG Activities

The following are the Activities of SCERT TG:

  • In order to produce the required textbooks for the institutions of teacher training and School education
  • In order to undertake the research studies in order to solve the education problems
  • To organize the services of training for teacher educators
  • In order to undertake, coordinate research and promote of education at various stages
  • In order to monitor the programs of pre-service training implementation effectively

TG SCERT Departments

The following are the department of TG SCERT:

  • Planning Management Finance & Policy
  • Education of Science and Maths
  • Educational Technology
  • Social Services & Humanities
  • Documentation of Library & Dissemination
  • Teacher Education & Extension
  • Education of Computer
  • Pupil Assessments and TB (Text Books) and Curriculum
  • Education of Population and Urban Studies

SCERT eBooks

The Telangana state government providing the facility of downloading the eBooks of SCERT including SCERT Text Books, Telangana Books Online for free in the Official Portal

Important Details of SCERT TG

  • SCERT Telangana Website:
  • Telangana SCERT Head Office: Smt. B. Seshu Kumari, Director State Council of Educational Research and Training, Opp: LB Stadium E-Gate, Adj: O/o Commissioner of Agriculture, Hyderabad- 500 001.
  • State Council of Educational Research and Training Telangana Helpline Number Helpline Number: 040 2324 3191
  • SCERT TG Support Mails:,
  • Honorable Telangana Education Minister: Sri Kadiyam Sri Hari
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