The Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor

Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser – प्रधान वैज्ञानिक सलाहकार कार्यालय

The Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser of India located in New Delhi. It serves the Indian Government (भारत सरकार) and performs multiple significant duties that the Government gives it in India. Among its primary responsibilities, the most important one is the formation of several missions, strategies, and policies for generating support systems as well as innovations for the sake of various applications. PSA is also the Scientific Advisor to Prime Minister. Here, you can get more about the Principal Scientific Advisor.scientific advisor of india

The Cabinet Secretariat set up the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor in the November of 1999, primarily to:

  • Form strategies, missions and policies for the innovative generations and also support systems for several applications
  • Perform its role as the Indian Government’s Principal Scientific Adviser
  • Generate technology and science tasks within the official infrastructure, social and economic sectors in collaboration with Government institutions, departments, and industry

chief scientific advisor

The primary job of the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor is taking care of Indian Government’s multiple missions. It strives to maintain peace and harmony among various departments.

Principal Scientific Adviser to the Indian Government is also the Ex-officio, that is, Chairman of the Cabinet’s Scientific Advisory Committee. This is the reason why India’s Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser also functions as the Secretariat of the Scientific Advisory Committee.

Advisory Rolescientific advisor to prime minister

The office of the PSA to the GOI (Government of India) has to advise the govt from time-time in the context of evolving the S & T policies and also formulating the S&T interventions in many sectors. The tasks are implemented in the partnership with the ministries, departments, scientific and industries.

Defense Minister of India’s Scientific Adviserscientific advisor to defence minister

Dr. G. Satheesh Reddy is India’s Scientific Advisor to Defense Minister (Ministry of Defense) at present. He is an Aerospace Scientist advises Raksha Mantri on all crucial matters related to the defense strategies of India.

Principal Scientific Adviser Website: http://psa.gov.in
Contact Number: +91-11-23022112
Fax Number: +91-11-23022113
Address Info:
Vigyan Bhavan Annexe,
Maulana Azad Road,
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