Junagarh Fort – one of the most attractive forts of Rajasthan

Junagarh Fort

Junagarh Fort is in the Bikaner city of Rajasthan state which is located in India. This fort knows as Chintamani Fort and Bikaner Fort – Bikaner Fort and in the early 20th century it renamed Junagadh because in the 20th century the family living in the fort transferred to Lalgarh Palace. This fort included in the key Kshatriya of Rajasthan which not made at the height of the mountain. The current Bikaner city developed around the fort.junagadh fort

Kiran Chand, the Prime Minister of Raja Rai supervised the construction of Bikaner fort. King Rai Singh ruled between Bikaner between 1571 and 1611 AD. The construction of the fort and the ditch of the fort started in 1589 and completed in 1594. These walls and trenches constructed at a distance of 1.5 km from the city center. Lakshmi Narayan temple surrounds the remaining part of Junagadh Fort.junagarh

The ancient city of Junagadh named after the name of an old fort. It located near the Girnar Mountain. Here the places of the pre-Harappan period have excavated. This city built in the ninth century. It was the capital of Rajputs. It was a principality. On the way of Girnar, there is a dark basalt rock, on which inscriptions representing three dynasties inscribed.

Junagadh Fort and Bikaner’s Palacejunagarh bikaner palace

Anup Mahal is a multi-story building, which used to be the headquarters of the empire in history. Its sealing has made with the help of wood and glass, as well as its use of Italian tiles and latest windows and balcony. In this palace, some artworks have also made from the leaves of gold. It also considered a huge construction.

The oldest part of the fort built by Raja Rai Singh of Bikaner, whose reign from 1571 to 1668 is the flower palace. Ganga Mahal constructed in the 20th century by Ganga Singh, who ruled from 1887 to 1943 for 56 years, this fort has a huge court hall which also known as Ganga Singh Hall.rampuria Bikaner Havelis

Bikaneri Haveli is a beautiful example of Bikaner’s special and famous architecture. Bikaner is both inside and outside the city. Exotic tourist Erdos Huxley who came to visit Bikaner had said, “These halls are proud of Bikaner”.

Karan Mahal

Karan Mahal (Public Audience Hall) was constructed by Karan Singh in 1680 C. It created in the joy of victory against Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. A garden was also built near this palace and included in the famous and huge kilo of Rajasthan. This fort reflects the historic architecture of Rajasthan.karan mahal bikaner

The windows of the fort are of colored glass and complexly painted balconies have made from the clock. Later, Rajas, Anoop Singh, and Surat Singh also made it bright by repairing the palace, wearing glass and also wearing red and golden paint. There is also a strong niche in the throne room, which is used as a throne.

The cloud castle is part of the existence of Anup Mahal. There are also pictures of people standing at the nail, wood, sword and the ara. The pictures of Hindu God Shri Krishna are also on the walls of the palace.

Chandra Mahaljunagarh chandra mahal

Chandra Mahal, the most magnificent and magnificent room of the fort, the art of art and paintings of goddesses made of gold, which have precious jewels, and also attached. In this royal bedroom, the glass installed in such a way that the king can sit on his bed and see whoever is entering his room.

Maharaja Rai Singh Trustmaharaja ganga singh

Maharaja Rai Singh Trust built by the Royal Family of Bikaner. So that they can tell more information about the history of the fort-related to tourists. The main purpose of establishing this Trust was to develop education, culture, and people in the state.

Fort Museumjunagarh fort bikaner

The museum built inside the fort famed as Junagadh Fort Museum, established in 1961 under the control of Maharaja Dr. Karni Singh “Maharaja Rai Singh Trust”. In this museum, statues of Parisian and Manusmriti, historical paintings, jewelry, royal costumes, royal decree, gallery, customs, and goddess get performed. There also an arsenal in this museum in which memories of past wars consolidated.

Ganga Mahalganga mahal bikaner

Ganga Singh, who reigned from 1887 to 1943, constructed Bikaner fort in the 20th century. It has an ample durbar hall known as the Maharaja Ganga Singh Hall that home the Museum. The museum has a display of war arms and also a World War I plane, which is well-kept.

Girnar hillgirnar parvat

Girnar Hill tour is famed to be among popular excursions in Junagadh, Bikaner. Because of housing many important temples, it very commonly visited tourist spot in Bikaner.

Is Bikaner Fort Haunted?junagarh fort haunted

The answer will be NO, because none tourist of ASI person reported like this, while for the Bhangarh Fort ASI sure on the ground of tourist’s output, so Bikaner fort not haunted fort.

Timings and Entry Fees of Junagarh Fort:

Junagarh Fort Timings: 10:00 AM to 04.30 PM (Closed on Sunday)
Junagarh Fort Museum Timings

09:00 AM to 6:00 PM (every day)
Entry fee:
Indians: Rs 50
Foreigners: Rs 300
Museum: Rs 50
Ordinary camera: Rs 30
Movie Camera: Rs 100

How to reach Junagarh Fort?

We can reach Bikaner from major cities like Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, Jaipur by train. To reach the Bikaner, you have options from Delhi by road via Jaipur or Shekhawati. The best roads are from Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Jaipur The Rajasthan state also providing the Tourism services for the Tourists through the RTDC. It also provides the packages and discounts RTDC Hotels and more.bikaner fort

The closest airport is located in Jodhpur (it around 249 km) and it is well attached by road through RSRTC Roadways and Indian Railways. Yet, traveling via Jaipur (around 348 km) gives you more alternatives in terms of selection of airlines and flight frequency. in a Whole, if you travel via Jaipur it comes out to be cheaper. Check the RSRTC Bus Enquiry in Online and check the relevant schedule dates to take the journey and perform RSRTC Online BUS Booking from here.

There are many tour companies and car rentals offer taxi services to Bikaner. They charge per km and have a variety of travel packages

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