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Battle of Haldighati – हल्दीघाटी का युद्ध

Haldighati is a mount path in the Ranges of Aravalli in Rajasthan State which joins the districts of Pali and Rajsamand in India. Haldighati is situated at a distance of 40 km from Udaipur City. The name ‘Haldighati‘ is believed to have arisen from the turmeric-colored yellowish soil of the mountain path. Get the detailed information about the Battle of Haldighati from here.battle of haldighati

War Haldighati was fought between Mughal Emperor Akbar and Maharana Pratap between Jun 18, 1576 AD. This war between Akbar and Rana proved to be devastating like the Mahabharata war. It is believed that neither Akbar could win in this war nor did Rana lose. When the Mughals had more military power, then Rana Pratap had no lack of belligerent power. For the last time, he did not accept the treaty of Akbar and he fought the battles while living with honor.

Mughal invasion

war of haldighati
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Uday Singh was the Rana of Mewar in the year 1541 when a few days later, Akbar attacked Chittor, the capital of Mewar. The Mughal army had besieged Chittoor, but Rana Uday Singh did not accept Akbar’s submission. After the death of thousands of Mewari soldiers, when he thought that Chittorgarh would no longer survive, then Uday Singh left Chittoor in the hands of the brave warriors like ‘Jaimal’ and ‘Patha’ and went to the dense jungles of Aravali himself. There he built a lake called ‘Udayasagar’ which was a river stop flood. At the same time, Uday Singh made his new capital Udaipur. Uday Singh died after four years of the demolition of Chittor. After them, Maharana Pratap also continued the war and did not accept Mughal subjugation.maharana pratap

Battle of Haldighati’ is famous in Indian history. After this war, Maharana Pratap’s war strategy was under the guerrilla battle. Akbar to win the whole Mewar on June 18, in 1576 AD sent the Mughal army led by Amer’s king Man Singh and Asaf Khan to attack. Between the two armies, there was a war at the Haldighati branch of the Aravali hill near Gogunda.

how maharana pratap died
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Rana Pratap defeated in this war. During the fight, Akbar defeated Maharana Pratap from Kumbhalimar Durg and made many attacks on Mewar, but Pratap did not accept the submission. War could not be decisive in favor of Rana Pratap. The open war over but the conflict was not ended. In order to carry out the struggle in future, Pratap and his army moved from the war zone to the hill state. When the Mughals had more military power, then Rana Pratap had more fighting power.

Struggle with Jahangirhaldighati war

At this entrance at Haldighati, Rana Pratap with his chosen soldiers started waiting for the enemy. As soon as the two armies were confronted, the war started gently and the knight warriors on both sides got injured and fell on the ground. Pratap, riding on his horse, quickly reached within the army of the enemy and began searching for the enemy of Rajputs Mansoor Singh. He did not get it, but the glory reached the place where ‘Salim’ (Jahangir) was sitting on his elephant. salim anarkali

Pratap’s sword killed many bodyguards of Salim, and if there was no thick iron sheet in the middle of Pratap’s spear and Salim, then Akbar would have lost his heir. Pratap’s horse Chetak tried his best to defeat by understanding his master’s wishes. In all the historical paintings, a raised foot of Chetak and Pratap’s spear on the slopes of Salim’s elephant has marked by Mahavat’s chest strain. When Mahavat killed, the warrior elephant escaped from the war land, including Salim.

Rajputs sacrificemaharana pratap haldighati battle

At this time the war had become terrible. On seeing the attack of Rana Pratap on Saleem, numerous Mughal soldiers mounted on the same side and surrounded Pratap and started attacking from all four sides. At the head of Pratap, there was the crown of Mewar. That is why Mughal soldiers were targeting him. Rajput soldiers were also struggling to keep Pratap alive. But gradually they trapped in a crisis. After examining the seriousness of the situation, Sardar sacrificed his life while presenting an unparalleled ideal of self-sacrifice. rajput soldiers

Sardar Mannaji went ahead with speed and took the crown from Pratap’s head and kept it on his head and went on a short distance with a swift battle to start boasting. Mughal soldier considered him as a glory and broke upon him and Pratap got an opportunity to get away from the war land. His whole body blown away by countless wounds. while Going from the battleground, Pratap saw Mannaji’s death. Rajputs fought bravely with the Mughals, but the entire power in front of the huge army of enemies equipped with plain artillery and gunmen sterilized. Out of twenty-two thousand Rajput soldiers present on the battleground, only eight thousand soldiers survived in some way from the battleground.

Battle of Haldighati and Chetakbattle of haldighati wiki

Rana Pratap’s beloved horse Chetak played an important role in the battle of Haldighati (1576). At Chetak’s mausoleum in Haldighati, Pratap and his brother Shaktisingh had cremated the horse with their own hands. It said that Chetak was also brave like Rana Pratap. Chetak was a horse of Arabic breed. He was an expert in long-hitting spikes. In the case of integrity, Chetak counted among the best horses in the world. He was a unique collaborator of Pratap in the battle of Haldighati.chetak

In the battle of Haldighati, Chetak jumped like an eagle to the height of the head of Manasi Singh ‘s elephant, the commander of Akbar. Maharana Pratap then attacked Man Singh. When the Mughal army had followed the Maharana, Chetak, carrying them on his back, crossed the 26-feet-long canal, which could not cross any Mughal army cavalry. In the battle with Pratap, the injured Chetak got Martyrdom. It was an Arab-breed blue horse. In Rajasthan, people still remember him with the same respect which he gives to Maharana. After Martyrdom, Maharana himself performed the last rites of Chetak. On his mausoleum in Haldighati, Mewar people’s sing folk heroism of the thalamus.

Death of Maharana Prataphaldi ghati

On January 19, 1597, due to severe injuries, while hunting at Chavand, Mewar lost its diamond Son Maharana Pratap. At that time the age of Rana Pratap was 56 years. He protected the Mewar region from many wars.

How to reach the Glorious Haldi Ghati?

Haldighati can reach easily from Udaipur by Bus (by RSRTC) or car as it only 40km away. The nearest airport is also in Udaipur. There are many direct trains to Udaipur, Pali Marwar from major towns of India. From Udaipur to Haldighat distance is bearable distance by road.

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