Brahma Temple Pushkar – Rajasthan

Brahma Temple Pushkar – ब्रहमा मंदिर पुष्कर

Pushkar (पुष्कर) is one the Oldest City in India. It is situated in Ajmer District of Rajasthan. Pushkar is well known for it’s Pushkar Lake, Brahma Temple, and Gurudwara. It is a Holy site for both Hindu and Sikh. It also called as Tirth Raj Pushkar (तीर्थराज पुष्कर) because of only Temple of Lord Brahma in India. Get more information about the Brahma
Temple Pushkar from here.pushkar

Pushkar city built around the Pushkar Lake and surrounded three sides with mountains and one side with sand dunes. Pushkar is famous for its Cattle fair known as ‘Pushkar Mela’. In Pushkar Mela Cattle, Horses, and Camels brought from different regions for trade. Pushkar also knows as ‘Rose Garden of Rajasthan‘. The essence of the Pushkar rose exported all over the World.

Brahma Temple – ब्रहमा मंदिर

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Brahma temple knows as ‘Jagatpita Brahma mandir‘ – जगत्-पिता ब्रह्मा मंदिर. It built around 14th century. Brahma temple is the only temple in the world were lord Brahma worshipped. Temple built with marbles, stone slab and decorated with silver coins. It has a distinct red shikhara and swan-shaped structure. Brahma statue with four faces placed in the inner sanctum. A marble statue of the sun god stands at the temple.

Pushkar Historypushkar rajasthan

Meaning of Pushkar in Sanskrit is ‘Blue Lous‘ flower. According to the ancient people, Lord Brahma dropped a Lotus flower on the ground and immediate forming of the lake. The lake formed named after lotus flower as Pushkar. Pushkar city is the only temple in the world for Lord Brahma. Once in lifetime Hindu Devotee should take a Holy dip in the Pushkar lake. Pushkar Lake has 52 Ghats and surrounded by 400 temples.

Pushkar is 10km far from Ajmer separated from ‘Nag Pahar‘ (Snake Mountain).

Places to Visit in Pushkar


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Pushkar Lake also described as ‘Tirtha Raj’ the king of all pilgrimage sites. Once in lifetime Hindu Devotee should take a Holy dip in the Pushkar lake. Pushkar Lake is semi-circular in shape 52 bath Ghats and surrounded by 400 temples with a magnificent view.

2. GURUDWARA PUSHKARgurudwara pushkar

Gurudwara in Pushkar belongs to Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The Gurudwara built in the 19th century. Guru Gobind Singh Ji stayed in here and the lakefront next to it now called as Gobind Ghat. The gurudwara has an old handwritten copy of the Sikh scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib and a Hukamnama believed by Sikhs written by Guru Gobind Singh.

3. VARAHA TEMPLEvaraha temple pushkar

Varaha temple is the most ancient temple of Pushkar. King Anaji Chauhan built the Varaha temple in the 12th century this temple dedicated to the Lord Vishnu. Demon named Hirnayaksh taken the earth into the sea and saved by God Varaha.

4. SAVITRI TEMPLEsavitri temple pushkar

Savitri temple dedicated to Lord Brahma’s first wife, Goddess Savitri, It situated on a hill right behind the Brahma temple. While climbing the steps leading to the temple, one can get the full view of the lake, surrounding temples and sand dunes. brahma temple is the only temple due to Savitri curse.

5. RANGJI TEMPLErangji temple pushkar

Rangji Temple is another popular shrine that witnesses thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year. It is another Swaroop of Lord Krishna. South Indian Style architecture observed here. ‘Gopuram‘ of the Rangji temple is so large that attracts tourist to visit.

Pushkar Nearby Places to Visit

Near to Pushkar city, you can find many places to visit. They are many forts and palaces and popular cities can take place. The famous places are like Jaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Chittorgarh,

Transportation in Pushkar

Rajasthan Tourismrajasthan travel

The Rajasthan government also providing tourist services to the people through RTDC. This is an online website where you can get the info on all places of Rajasthan state. Get the list of RTDC Hotels and book the rooms online.

By Air

If the tourists come from flights, the nearest airport name is Kishangarh airport and Jaipur Airport. From there, the people can find the nearby distance to the Pushkar.rajasthan tourism

By Train

Train Route is up to Ajmer from there you can get Cars and Buses to reach Pushkar. You can check the train schedules along with book the tickets from IRCTC NGeT website.

By Bus

Rajasthan Roadways (RSRTC) facilitates buses to Ajmer city from all the nearby cities. You can do the RSRTC Online Bus Bookings to the following places like Ajmer to Pushkar(15.6), Jaipur to Pushkar(146.5), Jodhpur to Pushkar(180), Udaipur to Pushkar(277.6), Delhi to Pushkar(416.5), Ahmedabad to Pushkar(540.2).

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