Bhuvan – Gateway of Indian Earth Observation

Bhuvan – भुवन

It is mainly a software application. This application helps its users to know about the earth well. It aims to offer the 2D or 3D representation of the planet. Bhuvan has the best resolution to explore different parts of India. Along with the high quality of picture this application named Bhuvan also offers content which is very much resourceful and also available in 4 different languages which are most common in India. It works under the Department of Space. Get more about the Bhuvan (Gateway of Indian Earth Observation) from here.bhuvan mgnrega

 Bhuvan Map

It is an ISRO geoportal. Bhuwan is not only visualizing the earth surface with a high resolution along with information related to it but also serves different other functions. Some of the tasks of Bhuvan include the services provided at the time of disaster, free satellite data and also offers the download facility of the products. Crowdsourcing is a unique concept of Bhuvan to collect information and enrich the map they currently have.

It is the perfect way to obtain the right information. It also provides data to the government. For example, the forest department of Karnataka is entirely dependent on the data of Bhuvan.bhuvan map

This application not only helps the forest department of Karnataka but it also has a connection with many other ministries of the government of our country. This application was first started in 2015, and within a concise period, it has become viral. The application contains more than 300 Bhuvan maps of the different cities. All the maps come with a resolution of 1 meter.

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Bhuwan Categories

They divided the information available in Bhuvan in different categories. Some of the categories include information about the NHAI, Forest and Environment Sector of MOEFCC, National Database of National Highways and Toll Plazas, etc. Other than these, this application controls crowdsourcing to provide information to Andhra Pradesh Housing Corporation Limited. With the help of the Indian satellite image, this application can do the Geotagging or locate the actual position of almost 3.8 million houses available in Andhra Pradesh.

Bhuvan ISRObhuvan isro

All the information about the different areas of the Indian subcontinents is available in this application. The users of this application can also superimpose the boundaries of few areas as per their choice. It also provides the chance to draw something on the map which is relevant. There is a facility available to create snapshots. If you want to view the terrain of an area, a shadow analysis facility is also available. Bhuvan 2D and Bhuvan 3D images are beneficial for any query related to any research.

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