National Remote Sensing Centre – NRSC

National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) – राष्ट्रीय सुदूर संवेदन केन्द्र

NRSC is a part of Space Research Organization in India. This center is in Hyderabad. This research center came into existence to organize the programmes like Earth observation programme and Disaster management Support Programme. The primary function of this center is to provide the data related to the aerial and satellite remote sensing. It explores the latest technology of remote sensing which is very much essential for any space-related activities. The works of this center come under the Department of Space (DoS). Get detailed information about the National Remote Sensing Centre from here.national remote sensing centre

NRSC collects the images of remote sensing satellites from India and also from Foreign. It can provide the satellite picture of any place of the globe. All the photos are available in its archive. It also encourages the establishment of ground stations which are essential for space research. According to this center, international reseller network is also significant for the IRS data products. According to this network, they need it to receive process and market the products.

WRIS India – NRSCwris

NRSC has a vast collection of data. They are providing it to different companies or centers for the proper use like for the information services, natural resource management related services or in any geospatial applications. This center has a connection with different projects related to food security, energy security, water security and also all kinds of sustainable development. WRIS is a project related to water security which has become very popular and working efficiently. WRIS India is a joint venture of ISRO and CWC.

DoS Schemes, Programmes, and Missions

National Remote Sensing Centre Servicesnrsc isro

The main Aim of this NRS center is to provide information collected through satellite images to the non-government agencies, scientific societies and also to the different organizations for the further progress. Bhoosampada is a portal which offers various types of land assessment in all the levels. It helps to provide a rough idea related to the crop yielding, water supply and the amount of snow in a year. This information is very much crucial for the planning of the next year. It helps the national resource management center to plan about the deforestation calculating the types of forest in India, the climatic changes, agriculture, etc.types of forest in india

They need to search, access, understand and analyze all the data collected from the NRSC properly for the proper implementation and also for monitoring. Bhuvan Panchayat serves this duty to do all these works together. It looks after all the requirements and the availability of data.

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