Famous Tourist Attraction Places to Visit in Coorg Country

Places to Visit in Coorg Country

Kodagu district also knows as Coorg is a beautiful tourist destination in India. The Kodagu district is situated in Karnataka State. It is popular for one of the famous South India hill stations in India. You can find famous tourist attractions in Coorg like Iruppu & Mallalli Falls, Nisargadhama Island, Tibetan Buddhist Golden Temple, Nagarahole National Park, Hiking and Trekking in the Western Ghats. Here, you can find the places to visit in Coorg.tourist places in coorg

Coorg is a well-known place for Famous Tourist Places in India, Tourist can find many places to visit in Coorg. It is the place for many rare attractions in India. Th people from Canada, USA, many more country tourists are love to visit the places. Get the list of tourist places here:

Abbey Falls Coorgabbey falls

Abbey Falls located in Coorg and it is one of the major attractions in India. The Beautiful Abbey falls are situated in coffee plantations and it named as top 10 tourist attraction in Coorg country.

Coorg Coffee Plantationcoorg coffee plantation

The Coorg country is the place of significant manufacturers of coffee in India which has spectacular coffee estates in the Western Ghats Hills. You can find no. of coffee estates such as Tata coffee, Sandalkad Estate in the Coorg.

Mountain Trekking in Coorgcoorg mountain trekking

The Coorg is also famous for trekking spots which offering extensive views of the nearby mountain ranges. The toughest trekking spots are located in Coorg they are Pushpagiri peak trek and Brahmagiri trekking located in the Western Ghats of the Kodagu district.

Raja’s Seatrajas seat

Raja’s Seat can also be known as the Seat of the King is the most significant tourist spot located in Madikeri. It is a well-known place for Sunset point in Coorg. You can find many gardens with beautiful flowers and artificial fountains spots. The surroundings of the place also look fabulous.

Dubare Elephant Campdubare elephant camp

The Dubare Elephant Camp is situated on the bank of the Cauvery River. It is an important base for Forest Department of Karnataka’s elephants. This forest reserved for the elephants and is also one of the popular training camps in South India.

Madikeri Hill StationMadikeri Hill Station

Madikeri is a famous hill station and it also known as Mercara, the capital of Coorg. The town is the place for amazing tourist spots in South India. You can see the best places to visit in Coorg in Madikeri such as Raja Seat, Abbi Falls, Madikeri Fort and Omkareshwara Temple.

Talakaverisightseeing in coorg

Talakaveri is the birthplace of the Holy Kaveri River located on the slope of the Brahmagiri Hills. Near the hill, we can find a temple. The Talakaveri offers 360 degrees view of the surrounding hills.

Bylakuppegolden temple coorg

Bylakuppe is Tibetan Settlement region and it home to the Namdrolling Monastery, Buddhist monasteries, Ingalakere Lake. The Namdrolling Monastery can also know as Golden Temple. The Most popular monastery in the region is Golden Temple.

Nisargadhama Kaverikodagu tourist places

Kaveri Nisargadhama, a fabulous river Island made by Kaveri River near to the Kushalnagar. It is the popular Holiday destination in Karnataka. Here, you can find the hanging rope bridge, boating, sandalwood, teak trees, and Elephant rides.

Bhagamandalatriveni sangamam

Bhagamandala is a religious place in Coorg country located on the bank of Kaveri River. The upstream stretch of Kaveri joined by the 2 territories. These holy places know as Triveni Sangamam of South India. It is common for the pilgrims to take the religious dip & perform ceremonies to famous temples.

Kabini Wildlife SanctuaryKabini Wildlife Sanctuary

In South India, the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the popular sanctuaries. This is the place for the most population of Black Panther in India. Here, you can find the endangered animals along with rare reptiles, birds, animal, and wildlife.

Brahmagiri Wildlife SanctuaryBrahmagiri wildlife sanctuary

The Wildlife Sanctuary of Brahmagiri, one of the least known sanctuaries of the Karnataka state. It also home to the highest point called as Brahmagiri peak. The region has grasslands with the Shola forest and home to Nilgiri Marten, Slender Loris, Nilgiri Langur, Malabar Giant Squirrel, and Lion-tailed. Best places to visit in Coorg as well as Wild Life Sanctuaries also.

Nagarhole National ParkNagarhole National Park

The Nagarhole National Park is the part of Nilgiri biosphere reserve. It also has a very healthy predatory-prey ratio in India. It is home to the popular predators, carnivores such as Indian Leopard, Ussuri dhole, and Bengal Tiger.

Talakaveri Wildlife SanctuaryTalakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary

The Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary located in the vicinity of Madikeri of the Coorg. It also famous for rare animals which include Stripe-necked mongoose, mouse deer, and clawless otter. It is the major tourist attraction in Coorg lies in the Western Ghats.

Pushpagiri Wildlife SanctuaryPushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

The Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary famous Sanctuary situated in Karnataka and noted for the home to the rare animals and endangered birdlife. It is one of highest peaks in Coorg and proposed it to Natural World Heritage in India.

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